December 11, 2023

While there’s a lot of debate about the extent to which artificial intelligence will impact different industries, maybe one job you don’t mind doing is the tedious role of taking notes and transcribing. Now, a handy new gadget from iZYREC, which previously announced recording hardware, is in the spotlight. crowdfunding Activity.

The Plaud Note features a lightweight aluminum body that’s just 0.12 inches (less than 3 mm) thick and snaps onto the back of your iPhone or Android phone. It records calls instantly with the flick of a switch. While it’s not the first company to offer this feature, it has blazed the trail to enhance it by adding ChatGPT as a personal assistant for audio.

The company claims it’s the world’s most advanced voice recorder, and it uses its own Plaud mobile app to offer speech-to-text transcription, automatic summaries, meeting notes, to-do lists, and handy mind maps to save a lot of time and effort.

To record a call, simply toggle the switch to turn on the Vibration Conduction Sensor (VCS), and everyone on the line is clearly captured. Flip the switch again and you’ll be recording audio from around you, designed for meetings, appointments and live lectures just as you want.

Plaud Note promises great audio with app integration
Plaud Note promises great audio with app integration


It uses two Knowles SiSonic microphones to deliver DVD-quality sound up to 1,536 kbps, while SVE calling solutions filter noise for better playback.

The real gem here, however, is the OpenAI Whisper incorporation, which turns your talk into text, providing a precise time-coded transcription of anything you record. Don’t want a full transcript? No problem, ChatGPT will give you a summary in just five seconds.

Plaud Note also has a powerful function, it can record 30 hours continuously and record two months of standby power. It can also store 480 hours of recordings in the 64 GB body.

this praise note Commitment packages during the event start at $99 (afterwards retail for $159), and come with a one-month AI membership for added perks (see below). The company plans to start shipping the product in September 2023.

While audio is filtered into the Plaud app and 10,000 minutes of cloud storage is free for the first three years, you’ll need a subscription to unlock the ChatGPT feature. For $9.90 per month, subscribers get 600 minutes of storage, transcriptions in 57 languages, and unlimited ChatGPT features like summaries, to-do lists, mind maps, and more.

Right now, though, you can get a 13-month AI membership for just $39.90 (12 months plus the 1-month free that comes with the device).

What's Included in the $99 Standard Package
What’s Included in the $99 Standard Package


Also, keep in mind that recording calls legally require the knowledge of all parties in some US states. These states are California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington. Elsewhere, party notification means that only you (the party) need to know. Laws vary around the world, so please check your region; Plaud Note ships worldwide.

To see how the Plaud Note recorder works, watch the video below.

👏 Introducing PLAUD NOTE: AI recorder authorized by ChatGPT

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