February 21, 2024

For the past two years, Israel-based Steakholder Foods (formerly MeaTech 3D) has brought us lab-grown steaks and lab-grown Wagyu beef fillets. Now, it’s produced what it claims is the world’s first whole farmed fillet of… grouper, to be precise.

The fillets, which have yet to hit the market, were developed in partnership between Steakholder Foods and Singapore-based Umami Meats. The latter provides natural grouper cells, which Steakholder cultures and incorporates into a 3D printable bioink.

The resulting fillets can be cooked immediately after bioprinting, and have a natural flaky texture thanks to “a newly developed, patent-pending technology.” In contrast, other lab-grown meats require an incubation and maturation period after printing.

Yes, the fillets are said to taste like real grouper too – they yes, in some way. During a recent tasting event held at the Steakholder facility, special guests had the opportunity to sample Singaporean and Israeli-inspired dishes that incorporate fish fillets.

Tasting of one of the dishes offered at the event
Tasting of one of the dishes offered at the event

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“We are delighted to be partnering with Steakholder Foods to produce the world’s first whole fillet farmed fish,” said Mihir Pershad, CEO of Umami Meats. “In the first tasting, we showcased a farmed product that flakes in the mouth , tastes and melts like premium fish. In the coming months, we intend to announce our plans to bring this world-class farmed fish to market.”

The two companies are also collaborating on eel farming.

source: steak food