February 26, 2024

How to think as a consultant teach financial literacy for those younger The next generation of customers they work hard to reach, live concert Probably the last thing on my mind. But an event on the West Coast this year could change that.

The WealthFlix High School National Tour will bring 30 live concerts to approximately 60,000 teens at Los Angeles-area public high schools this fall, and the tour also offers financial literacy classes, funding student club entrepreneurship programs and celebrity entrepreneur tours. The tour runs from Sept. 11 to Oct. 20, according to the spokesperson’s email.it will provide the school 45-minute financial literacy sessionAccording to the High School Nation website, topics covered include banking basics, credit scoring, budgeting and saving, and investing. All concerts are free and open to students.

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Notably, 2023 will be the first time the event will feature a celebrity to host a rally, the spokesperson said. The spokesman declined to name the celebrities who would appear at any school events, adding that they aimed to “surprise” students. WealthFlix, an online learning and networking platform Basketball legend “Magic” Johnson, actress Ashlee Simpson and celebrity pastry chef Candice Nelson were among its speakers at a recent conference.

“The High School Country Tour Series will include 30 curated sessions on business creation, intergenerational wealth and how to access funding through investors directly to campuses in and around Los Angeles,” the spokesperson said in an email. Additionally, the event will award $60,000 in sponsorship funding to student entrepreneurial clubs who visit the school.

By bringing famous artists, entertainers and entrepreneurs in front of students and engaging them in fun tech activities, the event hopes to teach them about wealth building in a more immersive and relatable way than standard lectures, slideshows or video tutorials.

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call it extension fast economicswith pop superstar Taylor Swift boosting the city and country’s economy Eras Tour Poised to Break Records, Take in $1 Billion. A star like Swift — whose father was a longtime Merrill Lynch broker, its early supporters include Outgoing Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman — had a huge impact on fans, especially younger consumers looking to emulate its commercial success.

Entrepreneur Duquan Brown, Co-Founder Future Media (helped build WealthFlix), said in an interview that consultants and educators looking to provide financial literacy to young Americans can take inspiration from the high school national tour and understand the importance of presenting information in a fun, engaging way that meets the needs of customers or prospects rather than talking to them from above.

“Everyone loves music. When you have the opportunity to connect through an experience that includes music, you can learn anything,” Brown said, adding that financial literacy activities will also engage students through games on devices rather than having them sit in a classroom.

Many times, working in the financial services industry can be intimidating to young people. may not be born rich But there may be a desire to build it through entrepreneurship, Brown said. “Just give them something that resonates with them. That’s it. Financial jargon and different terms, sometimes it can be overwhelming for them.”

Not only are these young people able to connect with and offer them business from advisors, but they are also able to achieve their personal and collective financial goals in an inflation-hit economy. A 2021 study by the TIAA Institute and the George Washington University School of Business found that Gen Z, which includes today’s teens, scored highest Lowest among generations on financial literacy test.

“A lot of people don’t experience happiness, wealth or abundance. Everyone experiences some type of pain,” Brown said, adding that for young Americans, the pain may start with wanting to buy desirable material things like a luxury bag or a car, but feeling unable to budget for those things.

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By having a student talk about how they would save for a pair of Jordans, he engages them and makes the abstraction of a budget more meaningful.

“It starts with identifying their pain points, what they want to do better, what they want to accomplish in life. Then … give them the tools to get there step by step,” Brown said.