December 11, 2023

hello, welcome back faira podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines.

Time, my friends, to sit down and reflect on the week we just had. Are we running out of things to talk about now that it’s summer in this part of the world? not at all.this is from marianne and Alex:

  • China’s new AI model makes us wonder who will actually win the AI ​​war, and whether the government will play a role—perhaps not in the way they expect it to.
  • A founder funded by Founders Fund is now funding other founders from Founders Fund: Yes.
  • Sticking with the venture capital theme, is it possible for AI models in venture capital to actually create a less biased environment for entrepreneurs? Connetic Ventures thinks so!
  • Two pieces of good news: a sharp slowdown in tech layoffs, and a slowdown in inflation that could herald the end of rate hikes, which could boost tech valuations.or at least cut Some pressure.
  • Finally, we asked ourselves how other social media services fared when Twitter did what rival services usually do when they take off. We are more familiar with some people than others.

As always, the stock market returns for you early Monday morning. talk to you later!

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We’re in the trim phase of tech layoffs, by Theresa Loconsolo, originally published on TechCrunch