February 21, 2024

Wendy’s is partnering with Google Cloud to launch “Wendy’s FreshAI,” a chatbot that takes consumer orders at drive-thru restaurants.

The fast-food giant will first trial the chatbot at one of its own locations near Columbus, Ohio, Fortune Report, addressing all necessary issues before possibly extending it to other locations. Wendy’s has worked with Google Cloud before, starting with their partnership 2021. Since then, Wendy’s has used Google Cloud’s machine learning (ML), hybrid cloud tools, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to provide customers with faster, seamless, and easier ways to connect with their brand.

Nonchalant, with a chatbot side

In its research, Wendy’s found that 75% to 80% of customers prefer to use the drive-thru service. However, delivering a seamless ordering experience using traditional AI has proven difficult, especially because of special requests, the complexity of menu options, and even background noise. Since Wendy’s menu can offer tons of combinations, this can lead to some miscommunication and order errors. Wendy’s believes that by leveraging Google Cloud’s generative AI, it minimizes the room for error.

“Wendy’s introduced the industry’s first modern pickup window more than 50 years ago, and we’re excited to continue our partnership with Google Cloud to bring a new wave of innovation to the drive-thru experience,” said Todd Penegor, President and Chief Executive Officer, Wendy’s official prepared statement“Google Cloud’s generative AI technology creates a huge opportunity for us to deliver a truly differentiated, faster, and frictionless experience to our customers, and to free up our employees to continue to focus on making great food and Build relationships with fans that keep them coming back time and time again”

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian also added: “Generative AI is fundamentally changing the way people interact with brands, and we expect Wendy’s integration of Google Cloud’s generative AI technology will be an excellent drive-thru for fast service.” The experience sets new standards. The industry.”