December 11, 2023

Image: EverdreamSoft Chain Chronicles

  • Web 3 game developer EverdreamSoft has launched a new NFT series, ChainChronicles.
  • The new NFT series aims to commemorate historical blockchain events.
  • ChainChronicles will consist of three packages: the Essential, Curator, and OG packages.

In Tuesday’s announcement, Yongmeng Softwarecreator of the popular mobile game Spells of Genesis (SoG), confirms the launch of its unique Linkage Subscribe to series. The ChainChronicles NFT series is an extension of the original tokenized cards released by EverdreamSoft in 2015 before the NFT craze.

EverdreamSoft has been developing in the NFT space since launching tokenized cards for the Spells of Genesis game, and eight years later, they finally released a new series of NFTs. Unlike traditional NFT products, ChainChronicles will be released on a subscription model as a “monthly offering of unique cards evoking major events in the blockchain world,” the team statement reads.

These pieces not only make beautiful additions to any collection, but also serve as historical reminders of the groundbreaking developments that have shaped the blockchain world. The upcoming ChainChronicles collection of collectibles will commemorate important moments in the development of blockchain technology and serve as a tribute to the original SoG collectibles. Through this subscription service, collectors will have the opportunity to receive monthly digital artwork and vintage cards, crafted by some of the most creative and forward-thinking NFT artists in the industry.

Subscribers will receive a new SoG tokenized card each month to add to their collection. Each SoG card will represent a notable historical event that took place in the wider blockchain space. This allows subscribers to collect as many cards as possible, with the goal of creating a complete card set. Additionally, ChainChronicles subscribers will receive additional artwork made exclusively for the subscription, vintage NFTs from various collections, and SoG in-game perks.

A unique set from the ChainChronicles NFT collection

The Switzerland-based company aims to improve the overall adaptability of NFTs in the blockchain space with its latest NFT product line. The ChainChronicles NFT collection will consist of three main packages with varying subscription fees. First, the Essential Pack will contain a monthly card representing major events in blockchain history. Additionally, subscribers will receive exclusive artwork, SoG in-game perks, and a random SoG Legendary card.

Second, the Curator Pack provides three times as many cards per month to subscribers as the Essential Pack. The pack also includes a SOG Legend card, and a rare vintage NFT minted between 2015 and 2017.

The last pack, the OG pack is an exclusive subscription pack. The package offers 10 exclusive cards per month featuring unique artwork representing prominent blockchain events. Additionally, subscribers will receive a SoG Legendary card, a rare vintage NFT (2015-2017), and a retro card from the Spells of Genesis series.

EverdreamSoft is offering 20% ​​early bird discount (EARLYCC) for first month NFT version subscribers. Every subscriber in April will have the chance to save 20% on an NFT pack that will be released early next month.

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