December 3, 2023

Within a few months, our website traffic, backlinks, and Domain Rating skyrocketed

Generative artificial intelligence has Rocking the tech world, every company is now wondering if there is a way to take advantage of the technology. Since ChatGPT was launched, the tech industry has been talking about its potential impact, especially in content-intensive industries like marketing and advertising.

We’ve used OpenAI to improve our SEO rankings on Google with positive results across the board. In less than a year, our site’s organic traffic went from zero to approximately 3,500 monthly visitors, domain ratings increased by over 40%, and backlinks increased by over 500%.

We increased organic traffic

Since we started using OpenAI in March 2022, our website's organic traffic has increased dramatically.

Since we started using OpenAI in March 2022, our website’s organic traffic has increased dramatically. Image Source: network exchange

Our Domain Ratings Increased Over 40%

Our domain name rating improved by more than 40%

Our Domain Ratings grew by over 40%. Image Source: network exchange

Thanks to improved SEO rankings, our Domain Rating has increased by over 40%.

We increased our backlinks by over 500%

We increased backlinks by over 500% using OpenAI.

We increased backlinks by over 500% using OpenAI. Image Source: network exchange

All screenshots are from June 23, 2023.

With the keyword-optimized blog posts generated by ChatGPT, we were able to really hone in on target keywords that ranked high for many target phrases, such as “best 48 amp electric charger”. It also allowed us to join conversations with many other bloggers, growing keywords from 300 to over 7,000, which jumped our website hits from 100 to 4,000 per month.

Here are a few ways any business can leverage generative artificial intelligence techniques to optimize its marketing strategy.

Train an AI system to find the best keywords

Before asking ChatGPT to generate an entire policy document from scratch, you need to start with the basics. Start by identifying your goal and let it guide your process. Ask ChatGPT for the most common keywords related to your industry, then drill down further by asking for alternative phrases and options.

We start with this question:

  • What are the most common SEO keywords related to the electric vehicle charging industry?

It provides a list of 20 phrases such as “EV charger,” “EV charging station,” “Level 2 charger,” and “Home EV charger.” AI isn’t perfect: When our SEO needed to focus on commercial EV chargers, ChatGPT suggested keywords related to residential EV chargers.

Once you’ve identified relevant keywords, let ChatGPT organize the list into business, transactional, and informational words. These categories are critical to the Smart Suggestions that are later used to create targeted content for various areas of the site.

You’ll also need to conduct the same keyword searches in order to build OpenAI’s understanding of your company. Provide more information to the AI ​​tool, such as a boilerplate of your last press release, an “about” section on your website, your company’s social media profiles, or any other assets you already have.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, so use what you’ve already worked on to help generate better keywords, recommendations, and ultimately a better marketing strategy.

As we feed more information to AI systems, formulated outcomes improve and recommendations get better. Remember, AI is about training data, so as you progress, the answers you share will become more and more accurate. The more data you feed an AI tool, the better it can learn about your company and industry.

Create Marketing Content Using Targeted Categories

After using artificial intelligence to highlight targeted keywords within your website and industry, you can develop an SEO strategy guaranteed to help you top the search results.

One of the best use cases for ChatGPT is content generation such as blog ideas, headline and website copywriting. Make sure to do this in the same ChatGPT thread you started as this is where you train the AI ​​system. You can use the following tips to do this: