December 2, 2023

Back in February, we started a call for content — urging startup subject matter experts to submit applications to lead a roundtable discussion at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, September 19-21 in San Francisco.

Gosh, take the calls they make. After thousands of applications, dozens of late nights and gallons of coffee, we narrowed it down to 17 roundtables.

TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 Audience Choice Voting Begins

Now, dear reader, is the part where you play an important role. Time for an audience choice vote. Here’s how you can make your voice heard.

Audience Choice voting begins today, May 1, and runs through Wednesday, May 17 at 11:59pm PDT. Go to voting siteyou’ll find a list of 17 roundtables, including topic titles, descriptions, speakers, and company affiliations.

Just click the arrow in the green box next to each topic you want to vote for Disrupt. Only the top 10 roundtables with the most votes earn a spot on the Disrupt agenda, so gather your colleagues, family, friends and fans to vote.

17 roundtables vying for seats at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

These should pique your sure CCheck out the 17 roundtable contenders below, and go to Audience Choice Voting Siteread full topic descriptions, filter and search by topic, and vote for your favourites.

Revolutionizing Retail: Using AI and Data Analytics to Drive Customer Engagement

speaker: AnaMaria Meshkurti, Head of Marketing, Communications and Engagement, Geneva Foundation for Technological Innovation

Uncovering the Valuation Gap: How Female Founders Are Bridging the VC Funding Gap

speaker: Brooke Motta, CEO and Co-Founder, KSOC

‘Impact Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Co-Competition’ – How to Run Your Business Without Destroying Yourself

speaker: Emeka Nwachinemere, CEO, Kitovu Technology Company

How to Build a Team for a Growing Startup

speaker: Emilia Vicini, Head of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition, Kadre

Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI: Real-Life Use Cases and Solutions

speaker: Eugenio Zuccarelli, Data Science Manager, CVS Health

Navigating Cybersecurity for Startups: Beyond the Buzzwords

speaker: Ian Garrett, Phalanx CEO and Co-Founder

Social Living 3.0: The Future of Digital Connectivity

speaker: KJ Dhaliwal, Chief Strategy Officer, Social Discovery Group

The Power of a Founder’s Personal Brand

Kotryna Kurt, CEO and Founder, Linkedist

The State of Venture Capital Funding: What Startups Need to Know and Negotiate

speaker: Lindsey Mignano, Founding Partner, SSM

Building a Strong Company Culture for Virtual Teams: Best Practices for Remote Onboarding

speaker: Luciana Leuci Garcia, Founder, Trainer and Mentor, Jobpont

How to leverage real-time payments to expand product functionality and accessibility

speaker: Rocio Wu, Head of F-Prime Capital

How to build early credibility and capitalize on key momentum in the market

speaker: Ryan Walker, founder of RJ Walker and Co.

War Stories of Founders Stake and Cap Tables

speaker: Fundable Startups CEO Sam Wong

How a Fortune 500 is buying AI software—or not!

speaker: Sandhya Hegde, General Partner, Unusual Ventures

The Art of Picking the Right Investor: An Entrepreneur’s Guide

speaker: Sergey Gribov, Partner, Flint Capital International Venture Capital Fund

How Investing in Founders and Tech in the American South Will Create Economic Opportunity and Drive Community Growth

speaker: Sevetri Wilson, Founder and CEO, Resilia

How Not To Be A Me-Too Startup In The Hype Category

speaker: Vidya Raman, Partner, Sorenson Ventures

Don’t miss your chance to vote on which roundtable discussions and breakout sessions you’d like to see on Disrupt. vote here — If you haven’t done so already, buy your pass now and save. May 12 at 11:59 PM PDT Price increase.

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