December 3, 2023

Leading video game creator and publisher Ubisoft is expanding its exploration of blockchain technology with a new partnership.

Ubisoft joins the Cronos blockchain ecosystem as a node validator, adding its experience and expertise to this ever-expanding digital network.

Ubisoft will join 27 other node operators for Cronos open source blockchain. These node validators play a vital role in ensuring the stability and security of the network. As a validator, Ubisoft will participate in blockchain governance and approval of network updates.

The decision to join the Cronos ecosystem is in line with Ubisoft’s ongoing exploration of blockchain technology under the leadership of its Strategic Innovation Lab.include Ubisoft Content in the ecosystem aligns with Cronos’ partnership strategy with technology contributors, which includes encrypted networkBlockdaemon, Dora Factory and Allnodes etc.

An extension of Ubisoft’s relationship with Kronos

The collaboration is a further development of the existing relationship between the two parties Ubisoft and Cronus. Ubisoft had previously participated in the Cronos Accelerator program as a startup mentor, marking their initial collaboration.

Ken Timsit, managing director of blockchain startup accelerator Cronos Labs, commented on the collaboration. He expressed optimism for Ubisoft’s contribution, as they understand the potential and limitations of blockchain to create deeper interactions between game creators and gamers. Timsit also mentioned the open-source Cronos project, where Ubisoft is expected to participate as a validator.

Cronos’ ecosystem will benefit from Ubisoft’s expertise, especially in providing feedback on technical upgrades to support gaming use cases. Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab, tasked with anticipating the future and integrating innovative technologies, will play a key role in this effort.

Cronos has been active in the gaming industry with Cronos Play, a set of development tools and integrations for blockchain games. Developer tools are now available as plugins in the Unreal Engine Marketplace, and more than 15 Web3 games have been released or are in preparation for release on the Cronos blockchain.

Cronos ( is an EVM-compatible layer-1 blockchain network built on Universe SDK. It is supported by,, and over 500 application developers and partners. The platform has been adopted by over 1 million users and supports an ecosystem of over 80 million users worldwide through the Cronos ($CRO) cryptocurrency.

Ubisoft’s foray into the Cronos ecosystem reinforces the growing interest of leading technology companies in blockchain technology and its various applications.

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