December 9, 2023

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Genesis TRON policy report has been launched (thermoplastic elastomer) podcast as an informative conversation about the latest developments in cryptocurrency andrew hemingwayPolicy Leader of TRON DAO, welcomes expert guests to share their insights and analysis on the latest news and trends in cryptocurrency policy.

Three episodes of the podcast have been released, covering topics such as the culture of current lawmakers, the regulatory needs of the blockchain industry, and ways to add clarity and definition to existing laws in the cryptocurrency market. The release date for the first episode is February 15, 2023.

first episode

In the first episode of TPR, Hemingway and Ali Redbod from TRM LabDigital Asset Compliance and Risk Management company Monitor, detect and investigate crypto fraud and financial crime. They discussed the future of crypto regulation, the priorities of the regulatory authorities, and the culture of current lawmakers.

Redbord laid out the current dilemma facing policy makers and regulators, in which he suggested, “How do we thread a needle between ensuring bad actors do not take advantage of this new financial system while providing the necessary privacy? People are increasingly opening up.” transactions in the financial system?”

listen to the full interview here.

second episode

Dr Lisa Cameron Join the hosts of TPR second episode. As a Member of Parliament (MP), Dr Cameron represents three Scottish constituencies around Glasgow – East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow.She serves as leader of the UK House of Commons and chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets Crypto UKthe trade body representing the UK’s digital assets sector, works directly with policymakers and market participants to develop a balanced policy.

“We are at the beginning of a new industrial revolution,” Dr Cameron explained. She described how her role in cryptocurrency regulation arose out of necessity when she realized the topic hadn’t been discussed in Parliament, despite the fact that millions of people in the UK were already involved in cryptocurrencies. Dr Cameron wants to “create (build) education within Parliament” to facilitate informed decisions about proper regulation of the industry. “These open conversations and debates are critical,” she warns, so it’s imperative to learn the technology quickly to move forward confidently in a changing world.

Listen to their full interview on cryptocurrency policy trends and the need for clarity on regulation here.

third episode

In a recent episode, Hemingway welcomed nick anthonypolicy analyst Cato InstituteCenter for Monetary and Financial Alternatives (Cato CMFA), a think tank project dedicated to finding alternatives to failing monetary and financial systems. Anthony Also a researcher at the Human Rights Foundation (high frequency radio frequency).

Hemingway and Anthony spoke about the current state of cryptocurrency regulation in the U.S. Congress and how leading policymakers are mired in the mud because of the stigma surrounding the blockchain industry. Discussions included ways to add clarity and definition to existing laws in the cryptocurrency market while acknowledging the challenges of the political process. “One of the challenges right now is that you want policymakers to move quickly, but the faster they move, the more mistakes they tend to make,” Anthony noted. That challenge has led to underactivity in Congress and relative independence of regulators.

listen to the full interview here.

stay informed

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TRON DAO is a community-managed DAO dedicated to accelerating the decentralization of the Internet through blockchain technology and dApps.

Founded by HE Justin Sun in September 2017, the TRON network has continued to make impressive achievements since its mainnet launch in May 2018. July 2018 also marked the integration of the BitTorrent ecosystem, a pioneer in decentralized Web3 services with over 100 million monthly active users. In recent years, the TRON network has gained incredible traction. According to TRONSCAN, as of April 2023, it has a total of more than 154.5 million users on the blockchain, a total transaction volume of more than 5.35 billion, and a total value locked (TVL) of more than $12.2 billion.

Additionally, since April 2021, TRON has the world’s largest USD Tether (USDT) stablecoin in circulation, surpassing USDT on Ethereum. The TRON network completed full decentralization in December 2021 and is now a community-governed DAO. Most recently in October 2022, TRON was designated as the national blockchain of the Commonwealth of Dominica, marking the first time a major public blockchain has partnered with a sovereign state to develop its national blockchain infrastructure. In addition to the government-approved issuance of Dominica Coin (“DMC”), a blockchain-based fan token to help promote global awareness of Dominica, seven existing TRON-based tokens – TRX, BTT, NFT, JST, USDD, USDT, TUSD, have been granted legal status in the country as an authorized digital currency and medium of exchange.

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