December 11, 2023

LinkedIn has released its annual list of the best companies to work for in Singapore – with banking and information technology firms dominating the 2023 list.

There was also a huge shakeup in this year’s list of top companies, a testament to “Singapore’s strong business ecosystem”, according to the professional networking platform.

Compared with 2022, there are 10 new companies in the top 15 this year – including Mastercard, Procter & Gamble, Citigroup and tech giants Amazon and Apple.

Banking and finance in particular, has 4 companies in the top 5 in Singapore’s “Top LinkedIn Companies 2023” list.

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“Singapore’s financial sector has always been an important pillar of the country’s economy, with the likes of DBS, Standard Chartered and Citi being big employers,” says Pooja Chhabria, LinkedIn career expert and editorial director for Asia Pacific.

“Singapore is also positioning itself as a fintech hub of the world… which means there will continue to be long-term growth and job opportunities for professionals in fields ranging from sustainable finance to data analytics.”

Amazon and Alphabet both made the list, despite making headlines this year for mass layoffs around the world. However, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, slipped six places from last year’s list.

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Chhabria told CNBC Make It that attrition and layoffs were considered when compiling the list.

“To ensure we only select companies that offer stable workplaces where employees can grow over the long-term, companies that shed 10% or more of their workforce over the time period of our method … are not eligible for ranking,” she added.

LinkedIn said it used internal data collected between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2022, to measure companies based on eight factors that lead to career growth:

  • advanced ability
  • skill growth
  • The company is stable
  • external opportunities
  • company affinity
  • gender diversity
  • academic qualifications
  • the employee’s presence in the country

To be eligible, companies must also have at least 500 employees in Singapore as at 31 December 2022.

LinkedIn said the ranking provides “actionable insights and resources” for working professionals at all levels, such as the skills and roles companies are hiring for.

Here is the complete list of top companies in Singapore in 2023

15. Roche – health care

14. sap — Information Technology and Services

13. letter — Information Technology and Services

12. apple — Information Technology and Services

11. AP Moller – Maersk — Shipping, transportation and logistics

10. Bank of America — Banking

9. Grab – IT and Services

8. Medtronic – Healthcare

7. amazon — Information Technology and Services

6. Singtel — Telecommunications technology

5. Citigroup

Industry: Banking

Most common skills: Commercial Banking, Capital Markets, Investment Banking

Most common job titles: Business development officer, business analyst, banker

Re-entering the market this year is Citi, which operates as a full-service bank in Singapore. It provides financial products and banking services to individuals, companies, governments, investors and institutions.

4. Procter & Gamble

Industry: Consumer Goods

Most notable skills: Cosmetology, chemical processing, retailing

Most common jobs: Brand manager, business development director, brand director

Procter & Gamble — another new addition to this year’s list — is the parent company of household names such as Braun, Gillette and Oral-B. It manufactures consumer products including fabric care, fabric care, home care and beauty.

3. MasterCard

2. Standard Chartered Bank

Industry: Banking

Most notable skills: Commercial banking, capital markets, software development life cycle (SDLC)

Most common job titles: Business analyst, business development officer, project manager

Standard Chartered, an international banking group, maintains its second position in 2023, with a local subsidiary in Singapore. It provides personal, private, and institutional banking, among other financial services.

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1. DBS Bank