March 4, 2024

Multitools are great. That said, they’re great until you don’t have one with you – or you have a blade that’s too blunt to get anything done. The Bladeclip tries to solve both of these problems with a design that combines a sturdy built-in clip with a scalpel-style blade change system for sharper items.

Bladeclip has surpassed its original Kickstarter goal of raising $5,000.This is partly due to the fact that the tool’s manufacturer, 3 Peters, has delivered a previous successful campaign For titanium utility knives. It could also be because the tool has incorporated two smart features into its design: the clip and the replaceable blade system.

The clip is neatly integrated into the Bladeclip’s design, so when the blade is folded, simply press down on the side of the tool and attach it to the belt loop. The clip also allows the tool to be inserted into a shirt or pants pocket, and while it can be used to attach to a traditional key ring, there is actually an extra loop on the opposite end of the tool for this purpose.

Open the Bladeclip shown on the rock
Bladeclip is easy to open and the blade locks into place with a built-in mechanism

3 peters

When it comes to blades, the Bladeclip is designed to fit nine different scalpel styles from 18-gauge to 26-gauge. Not only does this mean you can have the right blade for the job, but it can be removed and replaced when it becomes dull. What’s more, if you forget to remove the Bladeclip from your carry-on bag at the airport, you can simply remove and discard the blade without handing the entire tool to security.

The functionality of the Bladeclip is further improved with a window breaker and bottle opener on one end. Of course, titanium construction—which seems to be the favorite material among multi-tool makers these days—helps ensure the durability of the entire tool. Measuring just 81.5 mm (about 3.2 inches) when folded, you can get quite a bit of functionality out of a relatively small package.

Right now, you can still get one of the few super early bird rewards and get a Bladeclip for 10 blades $89. Once that’s gone, the price climbs to $99. The team also offers a two-pack of 20 blades for $169. As an add-on, you can buy a box of 100 blades for $12.

If the campaign goes ahead and everything goes according to plan, Bladeclip’s developers plan to ship the knives to backers this September. Its functionality is demonstrated in the video below.

The Bladeclip: Titanium Pocketknife + Quick Release Keychain

source: Launcher