December 11, 2023

That’s not a tiger, that’s a tabby cat!

late market Got hammered. You need only look at Tiger Global Management, which was previously one of the most active investors in all of the startup space, no buyer found Acquire a large portion of its stake in a private technology company.

The fact that tigers don’t have, As PitchBook writesFinding a buyer for “a certain percentage of its shares in about 30 companies (packaged sales)” suggests that the problem here is that Tiger hasn’t found a buyer willing to pay much for those shares.

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Limited partners in venture funds put their money into a pool, which venture capital firms then use to buy large stakes in various companies. The difference between an LP in a new fund and a Tiger looking to sell a large stake is that a traditional LP has no way of knowing where its pledged capital will end up.

On the other hand, Tiger is reportedly looking to sell a basket of its shares to what we believe to be a similar client base. Its failure to find a buyer for the series means that, in this case, more information won’t help drive those stocks higher.

PitchBook reports that Tiger is now looking to sell individual stakes in some of its portfolio companies to generate liquidity. Other investors were also trying to sell their stakes, but they also saw no bids, the report said.


Tiger did not immediately respond to a request for comment.