February 23, 2024

TIFIN is expanding its artificial intelligence offering with a new partnership with global private market investment firm Hamilton Lane.

Also included in Tuesday’s partnership announcement is a new AI-powered investment assistant that combines Hamilton Lane’s private markets data with TIFIN’s AI capabilities.

Company leaders said the joint venture is part of TIFIN.AI, which aims to create a B2B artificial intelligence assistant for financial services. It is also believed to be a first of its kind in the private market.

The AI ​​assistant will be available as an API, designed to be integrated into wealth platforms and digital marketplaces allocated by advisors and investors to private markets.

Investment Associates will provide data-focused information on private market benchmarks, forecasts and due diligence. Officials want to educate private wealth investors and their intermediaries about current trends in the asset class and private markets.

Erik Hirsch, vice chairman and head of strategic initiatives at Hamilton Lane, said: “Private markets are a complex and rapidly evolving asset class, and reliable, transparent data has historically been difficult to come by, especially for private wealth. Investors,” a statement. “Through our own internal development and our strategic partnership with TIFIN, we are providing the tools to help educate and inform, and work to change the way investors engage with this asset class.”

Vinay Nair, Founder and CEO of TIFIN, said the company is focused on making an impact through innovation and is delighted to be working with Hamilton Lane to bring this capability to market.

Hamilton Lane has dedicated more than 30 years to private market investing and currently employs 600 professionals across offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

As of March 31, Hamilton Lane managed and oversaw nearly $857 billion in assets, including $112 billion in discretionary assets and approximately $745 billion in nondiscretionary assets.

Hamilton Lane’s database leverages over $16.7 trillion in private market commitments over 51 years. Year is the year in which investment capital first flowed into the company.

“We believe this will simplify the complexities of investing in private markets and allow advisors and their clients to gain greater confidence in accessing this asset class,” said Nair.

TIFIN said the product can be customized for large wealth firms and their approved funds, and is designed to be integrated into its wealth management toolkit as a conversational interface.

The technology leverages TIFIN’s expertise in deploying AI assistants through a proprietary architecture that combines large language models with proprietary data and compliance-approved workflows.

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