December 5, 2023

The Kickstarter creators seem to be keen on packing as much functionality as possible into as little space as possible. Case in point: the new Slash microblade, which promises to give you super-sharp cutting power in a keychain capsule.

Slash came about when we saw a ton of pocket gadgets hitting their funding goals on Kickstarter. Some notable successes include the DTool aimed at cyclists, which boasts 48 different tools in one compact package; the MetMo pocket driver; the titanium multi-purpose crowbar with permanent pencil; and the palm-sized ScrewDriverKing, which will 40 tools fit into one convenient handle.

To further pair things up, marlborough and kane (M&K), a UK company that has had several successful Kickstarter campaigns for microtools, takes a minimal approach to cutting blades. Dubbed “Slash,” the gadget consists of an ultra-sharp tungsten blade housed in a screw-down capsule that can be made of titanium, brass or copper, depending on the backer’s preference.

The capsule itself measures just 32 mm (approximately 1.25 inches), and when unscrewed, it reveals a blade smaller than a thumbnail that measures just 8 mm (0.3 inches) long. There is a hole in the top of the capsule for attaching it to a key chain.

Slash will offer three different types of metal casings: titanium, brass or copper
Slash will offer three different types of metal casings: titanium, brass or copper

marlborough and kane

Despite the small size, the manufacturer says the curved top edge makes it comfortable to use with just a little pressure from your index finger. They also point out that due to its tungsten structure, it should stay sharp for a very, very long time. In fact, tungsten is one of the strongest metals on Earth, ranking an impressive 9th on the list of metal strengths. Moh’s hardness.

this Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign It is expected to run for about 50 more days, and there are still early bird rewards. That means a £19 (around $25) pledge will get you one Slash in a metal case of your choice, while £33 (around $42) will get you two, and £45 (around $58) will You provide a full set, one in each type of metal case.

Of course, caution is always advised when supporting a product that doesn’t exist yet, but since M&K has proven itself on the platform before, there’s a good chance this is a safe project.

You can see the Slash in action in the video below (we suggest taking the “smallest blade ever” marketing claim with a grain of salt).

Slash: The world’s smallest tungsten EDC tool

source: crowdfunding