February 26, 2024

Swiss bicycle specialist Thömus has revealed a new high-tech electric moped designed to be “elegant and future-proof”. The Twinner T1 Pro wears more carbon than it doesn’t, powered by a 1,600-watt motor and housed in a 1.6-kilowatt-hour battery.

Built around what Thömus calls the Twinner Carbon System, the frame, fork, handlebars and wheels are all made from lightweight, durable carbon fiber, and weighs 32.2kg (71lb) – including the standard 1,000Wh battery Its downtube housing is removed for charging indoors. Riders can also opt for an e-bike with a 1,638-watt-hour battery.

Equipped with a newly developed 1,000-W (1,600-W peak) transverse flux motor at the center of the rear wheel, the S-Pedelec delivers up to 70 Nm (51.6 lb.ft) of torque and a 3.6-second sprint to a top assist speed of 45 km/h hours (28 mph). This e-bike also benefits from a low-maintenance Gates CDX ribbon drive and an integrated 12-speed pinion gearbox that allows gear changes while stationary.

Twinner T1 Pro speed-pedelec can sprint to 45km/h in 3.6 seconds, but probably not when hooked up to a cargo trailer
Twinner T1 Pro speed-pedelec can sprint to 45km/h in 3.6 seconds, but probably not when hooked up to a cargo trailer


Six-spoke carbon fiber rims are wrapped in Vittoria Alway all-season tires, carbon or aluminum fenders are available, and stopping power is provided by TRP 4-piston hydraulic brakes with optional ABS at the front for controlled braking.

Instead of disrupting the sleek lines with the display mounted on the carbon fiber handlebar, Thömus opted for a fully integrated 3.5-inch touchscreen smart hub. Brightness automatically adjusts to ambient lighting, and with a live video feed from the optional rear camera, riders can look behind without turning. The Smart Hub also keeps the technology up to date with over-the-air updates and compatibility with the companion mobile app.

Other notable features include Supernova headlights and taillights for daytime operation, as well as signature lights up front, heated ergonomic grips and a frame-integrated rear luggage rack.

The Twinner T1 Pro starts at CHF 9,750 (about $10,900), but the Founders Edition costs significantly more for those looking for a more exclusive, limited-edition model. The video below has more.

TWINNER – it’s tomorrow

Product page: Twins T1 Pro