February 21, 2024

future is now movieFor the past 5 years, it has been inspiring its audience, showing the amazing achievements that blockchain technology has experienced and overcome. Even in such a short period of time, the revolutionary nature of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has become apparent. Starting from the Internet of Information in the 1990s, and slowly entering the Internet of Things in the early 2010s, we are now witnessing the era of the Internet of Value.

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It’s a unique concept that gives everyone access to a growing digital marketplace, but also provides fair access to create and store money like never before. In many countries where access to a central banking system, let alone broadband, is inaccessible due to corruption and other factors, we are now seeing communities flourish thanks to the introduction of encrypted banking systems and blockchain technology integrated into their infrastructure .

Africa and the future of cryptocurrencies

Perhaps one of the most pervasive examples of the successful integration of blockchain into a region’s infrastructure has to do with Sandi Bitenc, an individual at the forefront of change in Africa.sandy’s founder was 3 air, a telecommunications and blockchain company with a mission to provide internet access to the most underserved communities. In Sierra Leone, 3air has built two base stations capable of serving approximately 90 percent of the city, ultimately enabling broadband access to thousands of people. 3air also offers to use its cryptocurrency tokens as a means of paying and getting paid to redistribute its unique broadband connectivity within its ecosystem, thereby enabling further mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by the people of Sierra Leone.

Africa is the biggest adopter of cryptocurrencies, thanks in large part to the underlying demand for the technology. Many banks across Africa simply don’t have the structure or resources to hold reserves in dollars (the quintessential international trade currency), which means dollars are useless when transacting because most citizens don’t have access to them.

Almost all countries keep their reserves in foreign banks, which are subject to laws beyond their control. Over the centuries, we have seen Africa fragmented, its natural resources depleted, and the willful deprivation of basic educational and technological needs that could have been easily shared, vastly improving quality of life. Let’s take a look at some of the innovators who have already brought this technology to Africa and beyond.

The Future Is Now Movie – Diane Than Queen

Queen Diaby of the Baquarentu tribe in the central Kasai province of the historic Luba Kingdom (Congo) has made headlines in Africa for her adoption of cryptocurrencies. She is spreading her message around the world in pursuit of making Africa great again. Queen Diambi’s goal is to bring African technology and science to the level of the distant past, and African countries are much more advanced than traditional history books give them credit for.


TheFutureIsNowFilm – Revoland Games

Jimmy Zhao, who has already made waves in the fields of education and finance, first introduced Revolan Africa as a growing market. ChainXGame is in charge of teaching gaming knowledge to Ethiopian users, but in a Play-2-Earn model.This means that individuals are able to earn cryptocurrency while playing games and learning the basics of GameFi as a means of future economic wellbeing, let’s remember Axie Infinity and the Philippines Example. Fostering this access for Africans is critical to gaining access to a fairer financial community where everyone can co-create value.

TheFutureIsNowFilm – Ikigai Ventures

One Bay Ventures It’s all about supporting companies that can benefit us all – companies that are working towards positive social change and sound ESG strategies. As Eman Pulis said, if you love what you do and it rewards you well while contributing to society, you’ve found your ikigai (a Japanese word that cannot be translated into English). Through AIBC Summit, also owned by Eman, the once self-proclaimed “just an event specialist” is now a full-fledged Web3 startup fund that has now generated incredible deal flow in the industry.

The Future Is Now Movie – Oz Living

Committed to financial freedom, Oz life Provides services for individuals and their families to gain full control over their assets while helping them reduce their taxes. Their mission is to create a world where people live the way they want. Currently, the Oz Eco-Zone is getting permission from the Philippine government to allow founder Jin Gonzalez to create a portable duty-free zone in Oz for its citizens looking to relocate, gain citizenship, and experience life in the world.

The Future is Now Movie – Acta Finance

Journal of Finance The ecosystem is looking to combine new and existing centralized passive income principles and bring them on-chain. Christof Waton believes that this is indeed a good example of innovation, because the company rewards its growing ecosystem, creating a cross-platform and friendly community, so that everyone can experience the power of DeFi.

Web3 shareholders

Web3 has revolutionized the way we interact with the internet. Web2, the current incarnation of our internet, has websites that are usually controlled through a central entity, meaning that the company that owns the website decides where the data is stored, they can actively process your data, while also being responsible for preventing data breaches and hackers. In Web3, each user is a stakeholder in building the community, not the enterprise. The Internet of Value is dedicated to educating and rewarding those who wish to lay the groundwork for the new digital world.

People are tired of a broken system that fails every decade, as the recent dollar inflation rate shows. Africa is by far the largest cryptocurrency adopter and a leading example of how to start implementing blockchain technology in national ecosystems, while Dubai is a world leader in blockchain education and host to many prestigious events in the region. Focus on developments in the Middle East and North Africa region and beyond.

AIBC Eurasia Summit

Private showings and film premieres at AI BC The Eurasia Summit will be held in Dubai in March 2023 with an awards dinner hosted by Eman Pulis and SiGMA Group. The film stars Queen Diambi of the Congo, Nick Spanos of Banking on Bitcoin, Ivan on Tech, Eman Pulis of SiGMA & Ikigai Ventures, Sandi Bitenc of 3air, Jin Gonzalez of Oz Living, Christof Waton of ACTA Finance, Jimmy Zhao of ACTA Finance starring. Revoland even cameoed with Akon, the world-renowned celebrity singer and artist who is also making Web3 ripples in Africa through his Akoin Foundation.

The dinner and awards ceremony has become a major event for the industry since the AIBC was established in Malta in 2018, then called the Malta Blockchain Summit, bringing together professionals from all continents. Over its 5-year history, the AIBC Gala has honored prominent decentralized futurists such as Roger Ver, Brock Pierce, and Bobby Lee. Own #TheFutureisNowFilm premiere The future is now DAO fully relocated and relocated to Dubai at this event reaffirmed in 2023, while also providing an opportunity for Web3’s elite community to get acquainted with the film series about Bitcoin’s disruption around the world.In fact, the fifth episode filmThis is the Twitter account of the film, which was founded by Eman Pulis and SiGMA Group for the first AIBC Summit in 2018, which was branded as Malta Blockchain Summit and held in Portomaso, Malta. The episode features the late John McAfee, founder of McAfee antivirus software and a notorious but powerful figure in the decentralized world.

Miguel Francis-Santiago, creator and presenter of the film and founder of TFIN DAO, confirmed that it is time for the platform to go global and entered into a partnership with a senior vice president of Hollywood distribution with 30 years of experience, who Has led distribution for giants like Vivendi, Universal, Paramount, and Hulu. Francis-Santiago sees this partnership as key to making Future Instant Movies eventually available on platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

final thoughts

Time to get excited about Web3 and blockchain. Users finally have the opportunity not only to build their own future, but to contribute to the future built around them. This trend becomes even more pronounced as we begin to observe society move from centralized to decentralized and equally balanced worlds of value creation and knowledge networking.

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