December 5, 2023

When it comes to career development, there are many resources at your disposal to take your career to the next level. Courses, online training, books and podcasts are most popular for their accessibility and effectiveness. Podcasts are especially great for busy professionals looking to advance their careers because they’re convenient to listen to while on the go or while multitasking.

We recently asked our executives for their top podcast advice for career growth.

Here are their responses…

John Schembari, Senior Education Director

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ofI’ve been lucky because there are many quality niche podcasts in my field of teaching, leadership, and of my favorites is pedagogy worship Because these themes apply across the spectrum of K16 education (ie, strategies that can be quickly implemented in most classrooms the next day).

I think the bigger question, given how many high-quality podcasts there are across industries, and because they tend to be ethereal, at least in my field, is “what type of podcast do I prefer for professional development?”

I look for the following in professional development podcasts:

  1. An easy gain – something I can immediately use in my practice.
  2. A podcast guest/host that I can relate to/approachable.
  3. A podcast that provides related resources for more information.
  4. Podcasts that mention other podcasts in the space – collaborate not compete.
  5. Each episode of the podcast focuses on a specific topic.
  6. Podcasts are conversations, not monologues.
  7. A podcast that might make me a future guest.

ofJohn Shambari Is a current K-12 teacher/school leader academic improvement coach and former school building and district administrator. He enjoys drawing, traveling, swing dancing, and reading nonfiction.

Percy Leon, Head of Digital Media Content

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As a creator, I listen to two podcasts.the first is Thinking Media Podcast, presented by company owners and digital marketing experts Sean Cannell and Heather Torres. This is an excellent resource for anyone looking to use these strategies to increase their online presence and business.

The program focuses on YouTube marketing and other related topics, including social networking, podcasting, and email marketing, offering insightful advice and advice for both beginners and seasoned artists.

For the latest information on digital marketing, listeners can find the Thinking Media Podcastfeaturing conversations with successful entrepreneurs and content creators.

this creator economics Podcasts are my second most frequent listener. Reed Duchscher and Blake Robbins serve as moderators.

Reed is a businessman, CEO of Night Media, talent manager for well-known artists such as Mr. Beast, Typical Ganer, and Preston, and keynote speaker.

Blake is a venture capitalist at Ludlow Ventures. Blake Robbins is the man responsible for making 100 Thieves one of the biggest esports brands of all time.

creator economics Helpful advice and insights for creative professionals looking to build successful careers and businesses.

Drawing on Reed’s experience as an entrepreneur, talent manager, and keynote speaker, the podcast touches on a variety of topics including branding, marketing, pricing strategies, and building a community of fans and supporters.

The program includes discussions with successful creative entrepreneurs and personal development.

Percy Lyon is a digital media content producer focusing on educational technology and entertainment. He is interested in web3, the metaverse and storytelling using virtual reality.

Michael Willis, Head of Sports Business Operations

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Outside of executive panels with Work It Daily, my favorite professional podcast is Kelly Merbler.her podcast is called coffee with kelly.

coffee with kelly Meetings are held every Friday from 8:00 am to 9:00 am Occasionally, meetings are held on Fridays at 11:30 am to accommodate some West Coast attendees.

Kelly Merbler started the podcast three years ago in response to the shutdown of the country due to COVID-19. The call started with five women who wanted to keep in touch during the national shutdown.

Friday’s conference call had grown to more than 80 participants. There are women and men from all walks of life. They also reached several countries.

Kelly also has a Slack channel to keep track of podcast recordings, job boards, past and upcoming events, and more.

I don’t remember how I met Kelly – our moms both died of Alzheimer’s. At Christmas, she goes to the nursing home where her mother lives and visits all the patients. These visits bring smiles and laughter to many patients.

As far as the deal goes, Kelly is a leadership development consultant and a motivational speaker who can rally any crowd. Podcast topics range from guest motivational speakers for already started businesses to job search ideas.

I love Kelly Merbler because she has so much energy and love for people. Her heart is in a beautiful place. I am so proud to be a part of her tribe!

michael willis 18+ years of experience working with accounting and sports organizations, managing P&Ls from $10 million to over $125 million and budgets from $3 million to over $50 million. He worked in the NFL for 22 1/2 years, mostly with game officials on the financial/accounting side.

Georgia Musgrave, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

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Do you want to know where all the talent has gone?

Are employees leaving your company?

Are your job openings attracting interested and experienced candidates?

Audiences interested in recruiting, talent development, retention, leadership, and organizational culture should tune in Revolutionizing Recruiting: The Art of Attracting, Acquiring, and Retaining Talent.

Recruiting talent is not just about finding great employees. Join Kathleen Duffy, revolutionary recruiting visionary and founder of The Duffy Group, Inc., as she talks with the best in the industry.Past guests include Intel Chief Human Resources Officer Christie PambianchiHead of Global Talent Acquisition, Spotify Jon is singlePresident of Human Resource Management little johnny taylorand New York Times bestselling author Marcus Buckingham.

If you’re looking for a strategic and collaborative approach to uncovering hidden talent, Innovative Recruitment is the podcast for you.

Georgia Musgrave is Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for The Duffy Group. She educates leaders on the value of “passive talent” as a way to attract the best human capital to their companies.

Mark Taylor, Head of Product and Operations

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bravery with brian johnson.

That being said, the daily podcasts made up of what Brian calls “+1’s” are just the tip of the iceberg.

Many personal and professional development podcasts seem to contain different “tips” that are shared with listeners as ways to solve life or business challenges on a tactical basis.

Brian is, in the truest sense of the word, a philosopher (i.e., someone who both studies “philosophy” and implements it on a minute-by-minute basis).So instead of simply throwing ideas out as everyday “+1’s,” he incorporates these and other information he distills from ancient and modern ways of thinking into his own comprehensive philosophy (see his website League of Legends).

As someone who seeks practicality, “adult” wisdom, and “fit-for-purpose” things, I’ve found it to be – dare I say it – a particularly useful source of enlightenment.

Mark Taylor Over 20 years of risk, technology and product management experience in global and regional financial services firms in the UK and US. He has managed over 40 teams, successfully resolved over 100 regulatory issues and saved the company over $15 million.

What do you think are the best podcasts for career development?join the conversation inside Work It Daily’s Execution Plan.

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