February 21, 2024

With the latest update on the price momentum in the cryptocurrency market, analysts are looking into predictions for some of the most prominent altcoins.The rise of Litecoin and Chainlink in particular is getting a lot of attention, but amidst all the bullish momentum, another player is on the horizon, called trade curvewhich is currently undergoing a pre-sale and is creating buzz for its potential for exponential growth.

So we decided to use an AI-powered tool like Google Bard to see how it holds up for these three cryptocurrencies.


  • Litecoin expected to surge to $500 by the end of the year
  • Chainlink Can Surpass Investor Expectations, Can Climb to $50
  • trade curve According to Google Bard, its value can climb 100 times

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Litecoin Considered One of the Best Altcoins According to Google Bard

Google Bard predicts a bullish pattern for the future of the Litecoin cryptocurrency. The main reasons why Google Bard believes that Litecoin can increase in value include the increasing adoption of Litecoin as a payment method and the increasing number of people buying Litecoin as a form of investment.

Additionally, Google Bard noted that there is positive news surrounding the Litecoin cryptocurrency and a lot of speculation that could lead to sudden price swings. According to Google Bard, Litecoin is expected to rise between $200 and $500 by the end of 2023.

As of June 26, 2023, Litecoin is trading at $88.64. Over the past seven days, the cryptocurrency has seen a low of $76.29 and a high of $92.50. With an overall price increase of 14.6% over the past seven days, Litecoin has surged 48.7% in the last year.

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Google Bud sees a bullish future for Chainlink

Due to the attractiveness of Chainlink cryptocurrency in investor circles and investors worldwide, Google Bard is also optimistic about the prospects of Chainlink cryptocurrency. Positive news coverage around the Chainlink cryptocurrency can drive its growth and ecosystem development. New features are rolled out all the time, and 2023 will be no exception. Therefore, it is expected that the price of Chainlink may increase by $25 to $50 by the end of this year.

However, as of June 26, 2023, Chainlink is trading at $6.17. In the past week, Chainlink’s lowest point was $5.02 and its highest point was $6.34. Chainlink’s overall price increase over the past seven days is 20.9%, indicating a bullish pattern.

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Google Bard Estimates Tradecurve’s Value Could Explode

Along with Litecoin and Chainlink, another cryptocurrency has captured the market’s attention during this market rally, gaining 80% in value since Tradecurve’s launch, and 20% in value in the last week alone. Now, in the fourth phase of the pre-sale, Tradecurve is trading at $0.018, and in the fifth phase next week, it will jump 40% to $0.025.

This growth is fueled by a host of unique features and a promising roadmap.what help trade curve According to Google Bard, it differs from competitors like Binance and Kraken in that it does not require any registration KYC checks, which will make it inclusive for anyone, anywhere in the world. KYC procedures can be time-consuming and can involve manual verification, delaying the account creation process and removing anonymity entirely.

Google Bard also noted that users can trade instantly simply by depositing cryptocurrency, which will be used as collateral on top of the platform. This fact, combined with the privacy protections that Tradecurve offers, will make it the ideal trading platform for those who are conscious about their information and want to avoid information leakage from highly centralized platforms.

According to Google Bard, other features behind Tradecurve that can help it add value include high leverage starting from 500:1, a VIP account system, negative balance protection, and the implementation of Proof of Reserve (PoR) and two-factor authentication (2FA) as security measures .

So far, the team has raised $2.8 million and 12,500 users have signed up. The team expects they will be able to raise $20 million and attract 100,000 users within the first three months of operation. According to Google Bard, due to all these aspects, Tradecurve could climb to $1.8 by the end of the fourth quarter of 2023.

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