December 8, 2023

One of Europe’s leading decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, StormGain DEXis looking to replace complex wallet addresses with human-readable names to improve access to its trading platform.

To this end, it cooperates with a company called unstoppable domain namewhose technology makes it possible to replace lengthy and seemingly random blockchain addresses with simpler names that are easier to remember.

Unstoppable Domains has been around since 2018 and has registered over 2.5 million readable blockchain addresses to date.Its platform allows users to create a crypto-centric domain extension, to replace their hard-to-remember wallet addresses. So instead of a random string of 37 hexadecimal characters, you can create a fun name like “hotdog.bitcoin” or “superman.blockchain” that is issued as an NFT and is easy for people to remember live. Over 300 decentralized applications already support Unstoppable Domains wallet addresses.

storm buff, which also offers a centralized trading platform, said its partnership with Unstoppable Domains will provide enhanced security and easier access to users of its platform. Security is increased, as it is easy to make mistakes when entering traditionally encrypted addresses.

As part of the agreement, StormGain said Unstoppable Domains were also added as a new authorization method. This means users can use their Unstoppable Domains account to authorize access to StormGain DEX in order to trade cryptocurrencies directly with any wallet associated with that account. According to the company, this will simplify the onboarding process for new users and improve security.

To encourage users to adopt the Unstoppable Domain wallet address, StormGain said it will offer all users a 25% discount on the price of any domain name. The offer will last for five days and is automatically applied when a user registers a new address.

StormGain said it believes its partnership with Unstoppable Domains will help change the way people interact with and own crypto assets. It states that its ongoing mission is to provide the best possible cryptocurrency trading experience for all users.

“We are excited to partner with Unstoppable Domains to provide our account users a safer and more convenient way to access our platform,” said a StormGain spokesperson.

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