February 23, 2024

Stone Ridge Holdings Group, the holding entity of Stone Ridge Asset Management, a reinsurance-focused alternative asset manager, and its Longtail Re, a casualty reinsurance investment-focused investment company, has appointed former New York Life Chairman and CEO Ted Massas as a senior advisor.

Stone Ridge Holdings logoMassas will be responsible for helping stone ridge Expands its product suite for financial advisors and insurance companies while providing coaching and mentoring to their executives and operating subsidiaries.

Massas served as CEO of New York Life for more than 14 years, helping the insurer weather the Great Recession and the global pandemic.

Under his leadership, New York Life more than tripled its assets under management to $760 billion and remains the leading provider of retail life insurance and annuities in the United States.

Massas has developed a close relationship with Stone Ridge over the past decade as an investor and board member at New York Life.

Massas commented: “I am blessed to be able to retire from a full-time job and company I love, but without stopping to work on the things I care deeply about with those who share my values ​​and passions.”

“I am especially excited to help develop and market Stone Ridge’s breakthrough innovation of embedding longevity pools into asset management strategies. By combining my experience with their history of innovation and culture, I believe we can deliver a revolutionary retirement solution for financial advisors solutions that will greatly empower their clients in retirement, giving them the freedom to pursue what they want to do with who they want to do it with.”

“Ted’s leadership and product expertise are unrivaled, but our partnership works because our values ​​and mission align: the relentless pursuit of financial security for all,” said Stone Ridge Founder and CEO Ross Stevens explains. “Ted and I have worked closely together over the years, and I am honored and delighted that he has joined Stone Ridge to guide me and our entire management team to become better leaders while helping our operating companies thrive.”

With Massas’ experience in living and retirement, he will help Stone Ridge develop and roll out new asset management strategies that the firm says will “leverage longevity pools to provide significantly higher, inflation-protected and credit-worthy Asset Management Strategies”. “Risk-Free Payments,” compared to traditional fixed income, employ several innovations that Stone Ridge has been working on.

Massas will serve as the program’s advisory chair, assisting Stone Ridge in its goal of “fundamentally transforming retirement and retirement planning in America.”

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