February 23, 2024

Handlebar-mounted smartphones can certainly help cyclists with navigation, but the phone-mounted device itself can seem a bit unwieldy when not in use. That’s where the micro mount comes in, as it simply replaces the bike’s stem cover.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the Micro is made by British cycling gear startup Loop. Installing it simply removes the bolts that hold the bike’s handlebar cover in place, removes the cover itself, and replaces it permanently with the Micro.

As long as the device isn’t holding the phone in place, it takes the form of a 31-gram (1-ounce) aluminum disk measuring 37mm wide and 18mm thick—it actually looks like a fat stem cover.

To mount a smartphone in it, the user simply flips up and pulls apart the sides of the Micro Spring Mount, inserts the phone into it, and releases the sides of the mount to securely grip the phone. According to Loop, the gadget can accommodate any smartphone up to 83mm wide and 12.7mm thick.

Micro accommodates a variety of smartphones
Micro accommodates a variety of smartphones


it should Note that the Micro can only be mounted directly to the top of an unthreaded rod. For users using other stem types, or simply prefer to mount the device on the handlebars, there is an adapter available which attaches to the bike with an annular O-ring.

Micro mounts are available in black or silver £32 pledge (Approximately $41) — 27% off planned retail price. Assuming it reaches production, it should ship in September. The video below demonstrates the device.

Other stem-cap replacement gadgets we’ve seen in the past include clocks, GoPro mounts, Bluetooth speakers, cycling computers, multi-tools, and garage door openers.

Loop Micro Mount – Tiny But Mighty Bike Phone Mount

source: crowdfunding