December 9, 2023

StarknetEthereum Layer 2 has revealed the launch of “AppChain,” a framework designed to enable developers to build multiple application-specific blockchains within ethereum. Starknet Ecosystem.

This innovative project is in line with the growing trend of modular networking in the layer 2 ecosystem, powered by such optimism, polygon, Zero Gram Synchronizationand Decide.

A New Era of Private Chains

Developers can leverage the Starknet Stack, the native developer toolkit for the Starknet ecosystem, to create these application chains and use STARK proofs for increased security.At the heart of the toolkit is the Cairoa kind of stackwell Team, which has similarities to Rust.

at the latest blog postStarknet revealed that the use of AppChain can provide developers with enhanced performance, a statement further supported by Starknet’s recent v0.12.0 mainnet upgrade, which reportedly enhanced network performance.

Advancing Developer Customization

A unique feature of Lisks is their ability to support features that do not currently exist on the main Starknet network. This includes features such as custom fee market logic and consensus mechanisms. This flexibility may enable developers to customize the configuration and functionality of their applications, providing a greater degree of control over their projects.

“The Starknet Lisk is a customization environment where applications can customize Starknet instances for greater control over specification, cost reduction, scale, and opt-in privacy,” the company said.

The team highlighted the growing interest in application-specific blockchains that are tailored to meet custom needs. They said:

“The need for Lisk has been evident over the years and is now gaining renewed attention.”

The introduction of the Starknet Lisk represents a major milestone in the blockchain space, enhancing developer customization capabilities and making the ecosystem more versatile and adaptable to specific application needs. The move marks a key step towards a more decentralized, diverse and performance-oriented blockchain environment.

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