December 2, 2023

The market is changing rapidly, and analysts believe that some cryptocurrencies that were popular a few years ago may never see amazing growth.

Analysts Can’t See the Future of Two Cryptocurrencies: Cronos (CRO) and Loopring Protocol (Law Reform Commission).Analysts believe growing crypto ad restrictions are hurting Cronos (CRO), while saturation of Ethereum layer 2 solutions means Loopring Protocol (LRC) may have seen better days.

However, in the ever-changing market dynamics, there are always winners.This time, analysts expect spark (SPRK) outperformed the rest of the market by a huge margin. Some even believe that the cryptocurrency, which is still in its pre-sale phase, could break into the top 100.

Cronos (CRO) Outlook Is Gloomy as Crypto Ads Face Regulation

In the past, Cronos (CRO) relied heavily on advertising to drive adoption. Cronos (CRO) even sponsored the last FIFA World Cup, which is a testament to how much it invests in advertising.

However, after the collapse of FTX, advertising has also been quite heavy, and many companies are avoiding cryptocurrency-related sponsorships.this means time(CRO) avenues for increased visibility are dwindling.

Meanwhile, declining cryptocurrency prices and usage in a bear market means Cronos (CRO) is getting less revenue through This means that even when advertising opportunities arise, the Cronos (CRO) team may need more resources to sustain such marketing.

There is also the competitive aspect. Cronos (CRO) transactions are expensive and more and more people are starting to realize this. This means Cronos (CRO) have to Compete with other crypto payment networks that may be far ahead in terms of transaction costs and speed.

In addition to the many factors that compete with Cronos (CRO), its market cap is so high compared to when it first went public. This makes Cronos (CRO) a crypto asset with diminishing returns.

This is why most investors are looking elsewhere, especially for cryptocurrencies whose prices are still underlying, such as spark (Public Bureau).

Loopring Protocol (LRC) lost exist A sea of ​​many other Ethereum Layer-2

Loopring Protocol (LRC) as a DEX for trading Ethereum tokens may have good fundamentals. However, there is nothing unique about such a value makes Loopring Protocol (LRC) One of many L2s on the market today.

To make matters worse, some Loopring Protocol (LRC) competitors are better known. This means that even though the Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem is growing, Loopring Protocol (LRC) may get a small boost.

As such, savvy investors are staying away from Loopring Protocol (LRC) and newer, more innovative cryptocurrencies such as spark (Public Bureau).

spark continue arrive Attracts investors looking for parabolic returns

spark (SPRK) was a major beneficiary as some cryptocurrencies fell out of favor with investors.

investors are excited about it spark Still in the pre-sale phase, which means they’re getting into the ground floor.The price is also very suitable, because spark (SPRK) has a pre-sale price of $0.015.

Beyond the excitement of getting in early, investors love spark (SPRK) Value Proposition. spark (SPRK) makes precious metals more accessible to ordinary investors by subdividing precious metals into NFTs.

investors also like spark The (SPRK) team put everything on the table. Worldwide internetNetwork Thorough Audit spark (Public Bureau). spark (SPRK) also conducts KYC audits for maximum transparency.

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