December 3, 2023

Just a year ago, Marketing technology company Snappy Kraken Announces Acquisition of Industry Website Builder Consultant website Trying to make the planner web page better.

That move, along with a host of others it has taken over the past year, has been brought together in a new unified product for advisors looking to create more meaningful connections with clients, the Florida-based company announced Tuesday.

“Our goal is to reduce the time financial advisors have to spend on marketing, while helping them create meaningful connections with clients and ideal prospects,” Snappy Kraken CEO Robert Sophia said in a statement. “Snappy Kraken’s comprehensive, research-based campaigns are an industry outlier because they deliver verifiable results. We are proud to continue to advance our end-to-end digital marketing strategy and deliver tangible added value to the advisors we serve.”

The company’s revamped digital marketing strategy includes a personalized website and branding tailored to the advisor’s ideal clientele; marketing automation with unique and original content; SMS marketing through Snappy Kraken’s Convos platform; ” marketing solutions Freedom 360 This eliminates the need for consultants to manage their entire marketing system individually.

The launch of the product is not just after the announced acquisition of Advisor Websites in May 2022, company leaders said. It also reflects a desire to provide consultants with marketing tools to better serve clients, expand relationships and grow the firm.

according to Advisor Websites’ First State of the Industry Report Released in 2022, 70% of consumers say websites are the most influential channel for making purchasing decisions.

Additionally, more and more people are turning to the Internet for financial advice, with 80% of potential clients doing their own research online before choosing a financial advisor.

To date, Snappy Kraken has deployed over 150,000 campaigns, launched over 5,000 websites, and sent millions of emails on behalf of advisors across the country.

“We don’t just want to make marketing easier or help advisors simply check a box,” said Angel D. Gonzalez, Snappy Kraken’s co-founder and chief marketing officer, in a statement. The people you serve, deserve more. Marketing must matter, and it does so through compelling propositions and strategies built to deepen relationships.”

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