February 21, 2024

Underwater scooters are nothing new, although most of them are devices that users must hold in front of their faces. The difference with Seakool D2 is that it is worn on the waist, freeing the user’s hands and unobstructed vision.

Currently, the D2 is the subject of an Indiegogo campaign and is made by Chinese drone manufacturer HighGreat.

It’s essentially a big belt with a push-button control unit and a removable lithium-polymer battery. Extending down from either side of the belt are two electric thrusters strapped to the user’s thighs.

Each thruster provides 29 lb (13 kg) of thrust, allowing the user to reach a claimed top speed of 4.5 mph (7.2 km/h). The battery charge reportedly keeps them at that pace for 33 minutes.

Entire system weighs 13 lbs (6 kg)
Entire system weighs 13 lbs (6 kg)

Gao Weiwei

There yes Two lower speeds, selectable via controller. One allows users to cruise at 3.4 mph (5.5 km/h) for up to one hour, while the other allows users to cruise at 2.2 mph (3.5 km/h) for two hours.

All quoted run times are for a 176 lb (80 kg) user, and run times can be doubled with the option of a second battery. The entire setup — using a standard single-cell battery — is said to enable a weight of 13 lbs (6 kg). It is rated for a maximum depth of 65 ft (20 m).

Assuming Seakool D2 goes into production, $998 pledge will give you one. Planned retail price is $1,689. The video below demonstrates this. Potential backers might also want to take a look at the successfully launched SubCruiser, which consists of two thigh-worn thrusters attached to a backpack unit.

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source: independent website, Gao Weiwei