December 9, 2023

Nearly seven in 10 consultancies have returned to the office on full-time or hybrid arrangements, and consultants remain nervous about the situation. The SEC’s new marketing rules.

So the suggested result 2023 Investment Management Compliance Testing Survey Released this month by the Institute of Investment Advisers, along with advisory firms ACA Group and Yuter Compliance Consulting. Throughout May, compliance professionals from 581 advisory firms answered the survey’s questions on a broad range of wealth management topics.

Of those surveyed, just over 67 percent said they returned to the office after the pandemic, either working full-time or with a mixed schedule. Widespread adoption of remote work in response to COVID-19 pandemic. In contrast, just 4% said they had no plans to return to the office.

Ryan Salah, a partner and financial advisor at Capital Financial Partners in Towson, Maryland, said he and four colleagues were back in the office as quickly as possible in late 2020. Part of the reason is that moving back makes it easier to comply. Regulations Concerning Record Keeping and Tracking of Official Communications.

But he and his colleagues mostly missed the benefits of working in close proximity.

“When the distance between you is not within walking distance, certain things start to disappear,” Salah said. “It shows in the camaraderie as well. We feel more comfortable together.”

In addition to remote work, companies worry about best execution, the SEC’s new marketing rules and compliance issues. Scroll down our slideshow to see more.