December 11, 2023

Singapore, Singapore, 19 Jul 2023, Chainwire

afternoon Recently, Binance NFT announced the listing of Pome Survival NFT. Pomerium, a Web3 game studio, is expanding its ecosystem of projects centered on the BNB chain.

Since 2022, Pomerium has released two Web3 games on the BNB chain, and one of its main features is to expand the ecosystem on the BNB chain into a single chain, which distinguishes it from other Gamefi projects that expand their projects through a multi-chain approach.

In June, Pomerium was selected as one of 12 projects for the Zero2Hero incubator program hosted on the BNB chain. Following this event, Pome Survival NFT: BNB Edition is scheduled to be available on Binance NFT.

Pomerium representative SY KIM said: “It is an honor to join the highly respected Zero2Hero program on the BNB chain. The Binance NFT listing, coupled with our partnership with Pome Survival developer Ret Games, presents a great opportunity for us.”

Pome Survival was developed by Ret Games, a well-known Korean blockchain company, which recently signed a blockchain industry cultivation partnership agreement with Incheon City. Pomerium, on the other hand, is responsible for publishing the Web3 Gamefi project.

Pome Survival NFT: BNB version will start selling on July 26 Binance NFT Homepage.

About Pomeranian

Pomerium is a Web3 multi-game platform focused on mobile gaming. Its unique token economy aims to create a sustainable mobile gaming ecosystem, and its platform enables gamers to play games on mobile devices, not just limited to PCs or web browsers. Pomerium plans to expand its services and presence in the GameFi market in the coming years.

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