February 26, 2024

Plenum Investments, a Zurich-based investment manager specializing in catastrophe bonds and insurance-linked securities (ILS), announces the appointment of Dr. Andreas Rickert to its Board of Directors.

Andreas Richter Plenary InvestmentsPlenum Investments is one of the ILS fund managers at the forefront of integrating sustainable investment methodologies and environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into its funds and investment processes.

Dr. Rickert is the founder of Phineo gAG, a think tank, consultancy and social organization specializing in not-for-profit analysis and consulting.

He is considered an expert in sustainable capital investing and has a track record of successful entrepreneurs in philanthropy and impact investing.

Rickert works to ensure the efficient and successful use of financial resources to effect positive change, having previously worked at organizations including McKinsey, Bertelsmann Stiftung and the World Bank.

Rickert is also co-CEO of Nixdorf Kapital AG, a specialist ESG investment firm and angel investor in the field of start-up and impact investing.

Dr. Rainer Grünig, CEO of Plenum Investments Ltd., commented: “I believe that together with Dr. Andreas Rickert we can expand our ESG pioneer position in the CAT bond business to include social impact themes, which will unlock key innovation potential.”

Dr Rickert said: “I look forward to making a significant contribution to the further development of Plenum Investments Ltd. in the field of impact investing in the future.

“I firmly believe that the natural disaster business is another key component that can help manage the impact not only of climate change but also of earthquakes.”

Rickert added: “There is a great need for institutional investors to invest in investments with high social impact.

“New product concepts and best practice standards for social impact aim to address this. We all have a huge, especially global, social responsibility by protecting against natural disaster risks and providing the necessary underwriting capacity.”

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