March 4, 2024

Baluchon’s latest tiny house sees the French firm abandon its usual modern style in favor of a more traditional tiny house design, reminiscent of the roots of the tiny living movement. The Miss Twain Tiny House is only 6 meters (20 feet) long, but fronted by a porch reading area.

The Miss Twain Tiny House, named after Mark Twain (the owner is a voracious reader), is based on a two-axle trailer and is made of red cedar with an aluminum roof. The tiny house isn’t the smallest we’ve seen, but it’s definitely on the smaller side, only about half the length of some of the larger recent North American models.

The porch itself is compact but has plenty of room for chairs. It also provides access to the living room, which includes a daybed for guests, a wood-burning stove, a coffee table and a large operable window.

The kitchen is adjacent and includes a pull-down dining table for two, a sink, refrigerator, a dual-burner propane-powered stove, a microwave, and cabinets. There is also a large locker inside. The kitchen leads to a very basic small bathroom with only a toilet and shower but no washbasin so people need to wash their hands at the kitchen sink – which doesn’t seem ideal from a hygiene point of view.

The living room at Miss Twain Tiny House is cozy and bright thanks to expanses of glass
The living room at Miss Twain Tiny House is cozy and bright thanks to expanses of glass


The Miss Twain Tiny House has two loft spaces. A larger loft is used as a bedroom and is accessible by a ladder. It’s a typical tiny house-style space with low ceilings and a double bed. Meanwhile, a second loft is used for storage. It is located above the living room and is accessed by a movable ladder.

Miss Twain Tiny House is the owner’s full-time residence in Normandy, northern France. We don’t know the exact price of the house, but homes in Baluchon start at 80,000 euros (about $87,000).

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