December 11, 2023

Singapore, Singapore, 20 April 2023, Chainwire

The rebranding from Kryptomon to KMON Genesis will significantly lower the barrier to entry for one of the most popular web3 games in the world.

Today, Pink Moon Studios, a leading web3 games company, announced the launch of a free-to-play mode for its popular strategy game KMON Genesis (formerly known as Kryptomon). KMON Genesis allows players to breed, collect and trade unique creatures as they travel through the fascinating KMON universe. As one of the world’s first web3 games, KMON Genesis provides players with a seamless gaming experience without the need to purchase NFT in advance, further lowering the entry barrier for a wider range of players.

In the Kryptomon universe, community members act as “trainers” who care for their own NFT pets, which have unique and variable genetic codes consisting of 38 random parameters that determine their physical and behavioral characteristics. Kryptonians can learn, get sick, starve, and protect their trainers while they venture out into the real world. In turn, the trainers will have to care for, feed and train their Kryptonian companions in order to grow and prepare them for future battles. To incentivize gameplay, Pink Moon Studios shares KMON Genesis revenue with players by distributing weekly monetary rewards, averaging $50 in tokens, when players complete in-game challenges.

“Our core mission has always been to make the fascinating KMON Genesis universe accessible to everyone,” said Umberto Canessa Cerchi, Founder and CEO of Pink Moon Studios. background to experience the innovative and exciting world we have developed without paying any of the barriers or technical hurdles associated with web3.”

In its recent collaboration with Playdex, Pink Moon Studios also launched an exclusive rental feature for assets on the KMON chain, further enhancing the gaming experience and providing players with greater flexibility and opportunities to grow within the game. To mark the launch of the free-to-play mode, Pink Moon Studios will be hosting a community event to showcase its upcoming mobile MMORPG, World of Kogaea, currently in development. Players can earn unique digital collectibles throughout the event by completing designated tasks. Space for the special event is limited, and interested players are encouraged to register early to secure their spot. More information about the event will be announced on Pink Moon Studios’ official website in the near future.

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“We were eager to give players a sneak peek into the fascinating digital realm of World of Kogaea,” said Brian Bento, Chief Product Officer and Senior Vice President of Game Development at Pink Moon Studios, spending countless hours creating a visually spectacular and engaging experience, Players will find them truly mesmerizing. “

About Pink Moon Studios

Founded in 2021, Pink Moon Studios has revolutionized web3 gaming by delivering immersive, engaging and groundbreaking gaming experiences that break traditional norms. With extensive expertise in web3, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, Pink Moon Studios is uniquely positioned to create gaming solutions that bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

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