December 11, 2023

memecoin It has risen sharply in the past few weeks, and it feels like it is back to the 2021 bull season.But this excitement is short-lived, because most new things memecoin What came out of that period has been forgotten, but some exciting narratives from PEPE work in its favor.Although memecoin The hype died down, Wex also took center stage in the market with an impressive pre-sale round.

Read on to learn about its potential have to Grow and how to monetize the pre-sale:

The PEPE hype train is off

PEPE impresses as newcomer memecoin Consider the rebounding power it has shown in just a few weeks after its appearance. PEPE becomes a $1.8 billion project Although only two weeks old, the hype train is dying. In a bear market, there is only so much a project can do, and PEPE holders can now wait for the bull market to initiate another full rally.

The Pepe (PEPE) community is growing and over the past few weeks, memecoin The craze has spread to other blockchain networks, including Bitcoin (BTC), quite new arrive memecoin. Pepe as a meme existed long before it got derivative cryptocurrencies, but now crypto enthusiasts believe it can flip Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inside (SHIB) to be the largest memecoin in the market.

Pepe (PEPE) market cap has dropped to around $600M, poised to overtake Dogecoin ($10M market cap) and Shiba Inside ($5 billion market cap), that’s a 10x to 20x potential to look forward to.Considering Shiba Inu, we could see this happen in a bull market Inside(SHIB) once took on Dogecoin (DOGE).

However, memecoin Always be risky, if you want to acquire less risky crypto assets then you should know more about Wex.

Wex (WERX) Pre-sale momentum is strong

Wex is a decentralized freelancing platform designed to help democratize the freelancing economy and create more value for active participants, including freelancers, clients, and other businesses around the world who find value in the global gig marketplace. A Forbes report shows that top companies such as Google, Meta, and Unilever are able to create workforce synergy between full-time employees and freelancers, and the results are impressive.

With such a degree of attention being paid to the gig market, Wex Probably the most valuable solution in the landscape. As a start, Wex Only a 1% fee is charged for contracts established on the platform. Wex It also supports many blockchain-based features, such as incentives, community governance, transparent pricing, personalized matching, and some special collaboration tools.

Wex is a Web3 platform, but as intuitive as any existing free platform. WERX will be the native token of the platform and will power the utility and governance. The pre-sale price of WERX is $0.047725, but this opportunity will only be available for a short time.

This week, the pre-sale will launch with a fully interactive prototype that will include registration pages for freelancers and clients.In addition, the much-anticipated feature Wex Vault will be revealed next week. To determine the date for the test airdrop, a vote will be held.

Grab the chance to join the WERX pre-sale via the link below and enjoy a 15% bonus on purchases.

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