December 8, 2023

The prospect of using contactless payments to pay for public transport in Dublin has been delayed by an outdated ticketing system irish times.

National Transport Authority (NTA) chief executive Anne Graham said the rollout of contactless payment systems was still “years away” and that new equipment – including modern ticketing systems – would be needed to replace current The system used by Dublin buses and other transport services.

Graham noted that the NTA is experimenting with contactless payments for some Local Link rural services. Local Link’s ticketing equipment is more modern and capable of handling contactless payments. The NTA is also currently procuring to find a contractor who can develop a contactless card system, but Graham said this would require new infrastructure and IT systems, which would take some time to implement.

The delay in contactless payments reflects how outdated infrastructure is slowing the adoption of digital payment systems. Since 2012, the implementation of the contactless payment system has been successfully rolled out in London and other European cities have also adopted the technology. However, the challenges facing Dublin highlight the need for substantial investment in infrastructure and IT systems.

With the rise of digital payments, there is an increasing demand for convenience, speed and security of payment transactions. People are looking for a seamless payment experience in all areas of their lives, including public transport. Delays in implementing contactless payments in public transport mean Ireland risks falling behind the rest of the world in adopting innovative payment technology.