February 21, 2024

With interest in generative AI still hot, Orion Advisor Solutions has introduced what it claims is the industry’s first ChatGPT integration with Redtail Speak.

To simplify client communication for advisors, products supported by the ChatGPT-3.5 series are first showcased at Orion February Ascent Meetings is a third-party integration that allows users to select and edit from AI-generated responses.

The tool is considered an “assistive technology” designed to save advisors time and facilitate faster client communications. It draws on and builds on the top 20 text messages sent between the consultant team and the client to understand the right context and tone for the conversation.

This information then feeds into conversations created by ChatGPT, providing automated prompts and suggested answers to client questions based on actual knowledge of the advisor-client relationship.

Redtail Speak users can turn the integration on or off at their discretion.

Orion’s own research shows that advisors are interested in AI and its potential applications, with 33% of respondents to its inaugural Wealthtech survey citing AI as the most disruptive technology trend facing the financial services industry.

“The first integration of Redtail Speak with ChatGPT will put assistive technology at the fingertips of advisors while giving them control over their responses to clients,” said Brian McLaughlin, president of Orion Advisor Technology, in a statement. AI is integrated into our application, and we are excited to take this important step in helping advisors understand the possibilities of adding AI technology to their practice.”

The company is also developing an autocomplete feature for Redtail Speak using ChatGPT. When an agent composes a message in Speak, AI technology will suggest text to complete the reply. Redtail Speak users can also turn this integration on or off at their discretion.

Redtail Speak is currently available to Orion customers through the Orion Advantage Stack. Speak is available as a desktop application and a mobile application that can send texts to customers.

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