December 11, 2023

Last month, the old audio brand Orange Amplification stepped out of its comfort zone and launched its first Bluetooth speaker. Now, the company is back in familiar territory with “probably the loudest 30-watt amplifier on the market.”

The OR30 is the brainchild of Orange’s lead amplifier designer, Ade Emsley, the driving force behind such beasts as the Thunderverb, Dual Dark, Tiny Terror and TH series of tube amplifiers. Although the new family member has a rated output of 30 watts, the company says it “achieves similar sound pressure readings well above 30 watts, with all the power and quality of the classic orange hue.”

The mono amp features three 12AX7 tubes in the preamp/inverter stage, four EL34s in the output stage, and even an all-tube FX loop. The 5AR4 rectifier enables responsive dynamics that the player can use the guitar’s volume knob to scroll from clean to powerful crunch and then into “roaring saturation.” The Orange includes controls for any volume and has a special 2-W mode for bedroom rockers.

OR30 includes 2-W mode for full-fat tone at bedroom-friendly volume levels
OR30 includes 2-W mode for full-fat tone at bedroom-friendly volume levels

orange amp

The high-hat knobs on the front include controls for volume and gain as well as treble, midrange, and bass, and there’s an aux volume that can be controlled via a footswitch to move between lead and rhythm sections without missing a beat. Finally, for the first time on any Orange amp, a bright switch is provided – neutral in the middle, providing a subtle treble boost when pushed to the left, or a more pronounced high end when pushed to the right.

The OR30 head is available in orange or black for $1,799, but buyers will also need to purchase speakers if they don’t already have them. The video below has more.

Introduction of Orange OR30 – Ade Emsley

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