February 23, 2024

Layer-2 scaling solution Optimism Labs has announced a name change Its blockchain to the “OP Mainnet”.

The name change “clears the line between the OP mainnet blockchain and the collective, vibe, and ethos that ‘optimism’ embraces.” In the post, Optimism went on to say that the move was motivated by the desire to create a “superchain,” The OP mainnet “will be one of many L2 chains”, while according to, celeryand Polygon zkEVMwait.

new name back bedrock

recently introduced optimism its bedrock upgrade Last June 6th. With this much-anticipated upgrade (the “cornerstone” of future superchains), all associated and integrated chains built or designed within the OP technology stack (developer tools, APIs, and SDKs) will be linked, enabling Enable seamless communication in a unified ecosystem. It is estimated that this upgrade will significantly reduce gas fees by 40% through finer data compression. The Bedrock Edition upgrade brings Optimism one step closer to creating a superchain.

Optimism has been one of the top L2 solutions, second only to its main competitor, Arbitrum.However, optimism recently eliminated Arbitrum’s transaction volume for January last year. Arbitrum still has an edge in Total Value Locked (TVL).

As of this writing, Arbitrum has a total of Total TVL $2.2b rather optimistic behind $824 million. One reason is Optimism’s focus on DEX and derivatives protocols. Arbitrum’s business also involves the first two, but more importantly, it also includes cross-chain agreements, lending agreements, and liquidity mining. However, with the recent upgrade, it is expected that Optimism’s competitiveness will increase as Bedrock will enable faster transactions at significantly cheaper fees.

Effects of Changes Changes

The shift from “Optimism” to “OP Mainnet” represents more than a rebranding effort; it also marks a transformative shift in the platform’s strategy and vision.Intent to create a ‘superchain’ demonstrates drive for more comprehensive interoperability and connectivity within the industry Ethereum Ecosystem. OP mainnet aspiration is to be one of them Layer 2 chains in many layers Embodies a collective ambition to decentralize and democratize the Layer 2 landscape, expanding the scope of innovation and collaboration. This collaborative vision could dramatically change the competitive dynamics within the Layer 2 space and the broader Ethereum ecosystem.

The data revealed that the OP mainnet and Decide, both in terms of transaction volume and total value locked (TVL). This race extends to the heart of each platform design choice and strategic focus. While both platforms aim to enhance the scalability of the Ethereum network, their different approaches reflect different priorities.

OP Mainnet’s single-round fraud prevention system, while faster, is more expensive than Arbitrum’s multi-round system. This difference results in Optimism having less TVL and daily active addresses. However, the recent Bedrock upgrade could be a game-changer in this regard.

If the upgrade delivers on its promise of significantly lower gas fees, it could change the balance between speed and cost, making the OP mainnet an increasingly attractive platform for users and developers. The effectiveness of this strategy and its potential to shake up the Layer 2 landscape remains to be seen, but the ambition behind it is clear.

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