March 4, 2024

OpenAI is expanding overseas. Specifically to London.

Today, the Microsoft-backed artificial intelligence startup announced plans to open an office in London, its first international outpost. CEO Sam Altman said that when OpenAI’s London office opens, it will focus on boosting “research and engineering capabilities” while balancing working with “local communities and policy makers”.

“We see this expansion as an opportunity to attract world-class talent and drive AGI development and policy innovation,” Altman said. It is said In a statement, it said Poland and France had been proposed as alternatives for the office canned statement. “We’re excited about the future and see what our London office will contribute to building and deploying secure AI.”

London was a compelling choice for OpenAI, which has not expanded beyond its San Francisco headquarters since its founding in 2015. The city is the longtime headquarters base for DeepMind, Google’s largest artificial intelligence research arm, and a wellspring of data science talent due to its rich academic history and prestigious universities.

Broadly speaking, London is also becoming a thriving hub for AI start-ups.According to a recent ReportAs of 2021, London is home to more than 1,300 AI companies, making the city the most funded city in the UK in terms of venture capital funding.

The city is also politically important for technology companies such as OpenAI, which have invested heavily in artificial intelligence, as they try to persuade the British governing body to loosely regulate artificial intelligence. On a recent lobbying tour, Altman appeared at University College London, where he called for “balanced” regulation and warned of the risks of deepfake disinformation.

Under the same appearance, Altman explain OpenAI will “cease operations” in the EU if it fails to comply with the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act, one of the first comprehensive sets of regulations for the AI ​​industry.later he flinch Judging by the comments – but the drama is on.