December 2, 2023

For many people, taking notes with pen and paper has always been easier and more intuitive than typing. Nuwa Pen allows them to continue doing so, but it also digitizes what they have written for subsequent sharing and searching.

So first of all, yes, we have I have seen handwriting record smart pens before. One key difference with the Nuwa Pen, however, is that it can be used on any paper you have on hand—in contrast, most other pens require special paper.

Made by Dutch startup Nuwa, this aluminum body uses regular replaceable D1-format ballpoint refills. It also features three downward-facing cameras, along with motion and pressure sensors and an infrared LED for low-light conditions.

An integrated Arm Cortex M4 processor chip uses AI-based software to analyze data from cameras and sensors to determine what words are written. This information is transmitted via Bluetooth LE to an iOS/Android app on the user’s smartphone, from where it is uploaded to an online server for storage – the pen also has 2 GB of onboard memory.

Nuwa pen can work for two hours every 15 minutes of charging
Nuwa pen can work for two hours every 15 minutes of charging


When users review their digitized notes, they can use keywords to search for certain topics within them. According to Nuwa, the system will soon be compatible with more than 100 different information-sharing applications and platforms.

The pen is powered by a 100mAh lithium-ion battery, which is reported to last about two hours per 15-minute charge. It measures 5.9 inches (150mm) long, weighs 28 grams (1 ounce), and is available in ivory and ebony.

If you are interested, Nuwa pen is currently crowdfunding campaign. Assuming it goes into production, you can pay just 179 euros (about $197) for a subscription that comes with three ink cartridges and a one-year subscription that enables special features like text conversion, which converts handwritten text into a typewritten format .

Subsequent subscriptions cost $2.99 ​​per month, and the pen retails for $329. You can see the equipment in action in the video below.

Nüwa Pen | Ballpoint pen driven by artificial intelligence

source: Launcher