December 3, 2023

San Diego, CA, July 22, 2023, Chainwire

NFT collection aspect X announced that it will launch on Ethereum on August 8th. Ethereum-based digital cards can be used in corresponding RPG games.Community members have the opportunity register Opportunity to mint permission-listed NFTs.

Dimension X’s Allowed List Sweepstakes closes on July 31st at 10AM PST. The total supply of the series has been set at 10,000 NFTs, which includes 7,197 raffle mints and 2,803 reserved snappoints. Unclaimed reserved snapshot slots will be added to the sweepstakes. Cleared List Sweepstakes are subject to final team approval and United States laws and regulations.

Dimension X started as a free-to-play strategy RPG set in the comic book universe on the Flow blockchain. In this world, a pan-dimensional explosion created humans, aliens and monsters with terrifying superpowers.

Players can use NFT heroes to fight villains and monsters, level up and support their faction in an ever-changing world. Their task is to prepare their own super team and compete with other players. During the gameplay, the player must compete for THUL which can be used to forge new heroes.

The Dimension X team is actively developing and improving the game, adding new features built with the help of community feedback.Those who are interested can join the project Disharmony and view their Twitter Learn more and updates.

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