March 4, 2024

Eden Island, Republic of Seychelles, 27 June 2023, Chainwire

Following on from Ethereum’s product of the same name, a new PEPE memecoin is about to launch. Issued as BEP20 on the BNB chain, PEPE is a novel memecoin with many unique mechanisms programmed into its tokenomics.

Like the hugely successful original PEPE token in 2023, the BEP20 PEPE is inspired by the mischievous frog of the same name, with a design from the webcomic “Boys Club”.

The market capitalization of the original PEPE token, which debuted on ethereum in April, topped $1 billion on May 5, sparking a new wave of memecoins, including some frog-themed projects. Unlike later memecoins, PEPE (BEP20) has several unusual features, including a federated system designed to support price stability.

The team behind BNB Chain PEPE is not content with just one memecoin either: they plan to launch multiple PEPE projects, all based on the cute frog. There are 13 such launches in 2023 alone.

Although each PEPE project will operate independently, the introduction of the “Burn & Drop” system will govern the alliance. Burn & Drop is a first-of-its-kind system where burning one token results in an airdrop of another token.

To start Burn & Drop, two types of tokens are required. For example, this could involve a scenario where Token A is priced at $1 and PEPE (BEP20) is also priced at $1. However, if the price of Token A drops to $0.8, Token A holders can choose to burn their tokens on the Burn & Drop platform, automatically receive PEPE (BEP20) via airdrop, and Token A has been burned, Its total supply will decrease.

By initiating a Burn & Drop process between tokens, excess volatility can be reduced while potentially providing trading opportunities for arbitrage and intra-token trading. This logic is a fundamental part of PEPE (BEP20), where users can participate directly within the platform.

Additionally, PEPE (BEP20) plans to introduce numerous services that will further expand the utility of the token. To further boost interest in the project, PEPE (BEP20) is currently running an airdrop open to all on Twitter.


PEPE is a project launched on Binance Smart Chain in the form of BEP20 tokens. Pepe Syndicate and Pepe’s unique “Burn&Drop” mechanism are designed to manage token price volatility. This is not a guarantee of price stability, but rather a mechanism to potentially mitigate price volatility. In addition, the various projects involved in the “Burn&Drop” system collaborate to form a strong Pepe Syndicate network.

For more information on the event, visit PEPE BEP20’s Twitter (@pepecoinbep20) or join PEPE BEP20 telegraph

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