December 5, 2023

Singapore, Singapore, 21 April 2023, Chainwire

beautiful networka blockchain ecosystem designed for gaming projects, is pleased to announce the listing of its governance token $MOOI, Universal Mexico, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange. The listing, scheduled for April 25 at 10:00 UTC, reflects MOOI Network’s commitment to lowering the barrier to entry for new users and providing accessible options for participating in its ecosystem.

company background

MOOI Network was created by POST VOYAGER and is cocoa, a Japan-based avatar and gaming social app developer with users in 74 countries. Over the past 14 years, Cocone’s flagship project has attracted over 130 million downloads and 4.7 million monthly active users. Meanwhile, the maximum daily profit from selling digital beauty and fashion products will exceed $1.7 million by 2022.

beautiful network

With Cocone’s roots in Web2-based virtual worlds, MOOI Network was formed to help companies with their Web3 transition.Since the launch of MOOI Network on June 30, 2022, POST VOYAGER and Cocone have built an outstanding portfolio of high-quality games and dapps, including Yuan Li Fu Li, PKCL twins, claw kissand complain. The core of the MOOI Network economy is jelly, an NFT marketplace for blockchain-based games. Recently, the marketplace’s popularity has skyrocketed: According to DappRadar, usage of the dapp rose 7,312% in April to 11,630 weekly active wallets.

Enter the MOOI Ecosystem

MOOI Network has always been committed to creating an open and inclusive metaverse world that is accessible to users of all backgrounds. The listing of MOOI on MEXC is an important milestone for the project, and MOOI Network looks forward to introducing more ways to grow and expand its ecosystem by providing users with a convenient and user-friendly way to participate in the vision of MOOI Network through the listing of MOOI at MEXC Global.

recently updated

Most recently, MOOI launched a “Space Flea Market” collection featuring in-game items from Pokecolo, one of Cocone’s legendary avatar services. this collection It has been in the top 5 of the DappRadar NFT collectibles leaderboard for more than a month, attracting thousands of new users to the Web3 space. This success has driven MOOI’s marketplace Jellyme into the top 10 for March-April 2023, further solidifying MOOI’s ability to attract and engage a growing user community.

further plans

Currently, MOOI Network is actively preparing for the second quarter for upcoming exchange listings, on-ramp features, and other product releases. Stay tuned for exciting updates as MOOI Network continues to expand its offerings. In the long run, MOOI aims to become a first-class game customization ecosystem, attract interesting and high-quality services to join Web3, and use MOOI Network to build a prosperous game economy.

About MOOI Network

MOOI Network is creating a sustainable Metaverse world by joining Metaverse, GameFi, dApps, and NFT projects in a seamless manner, providing encrypted wallets, NFT marketplaces, and exchanging all content in its ecosystem. MOOI Network ensures that high-quality projects are brought in and a seamless onboarding experience is provided.

To learn more about MOOI, please visit:

Official website | NFT Marketplace – Jellyme | Moderate | Disharmony | Twitter


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