December 11, 2023

London, UK, 19 April 2023, Chainwire

After selling out $16.4 million in pre-sales, Meta Academy Now ready to list its token MCADE on a well-known centralized exchange Bit Marketwhich Has more than 9 million users.

The listing is scheduled for Friday, April 20 at 9:00AM UTC, when registered BitMart users will be able to buy, sell and trade MCADE tokens.

After numerous announcements and milestones, Metacade is gaining momentum. It sold out a massive $16.4 million pre-sale ahead of schedule, followed by a 6-month staking pool of 250 million tokens sold out in less than 5 hours.In addition, Metacade announced a Cooperation with game company Metastudiocausing a great stir among GameFi investors.

At the time of writing, Metacade (MCADE) tokens are priced at $0.0173, have a diluted market cap of over $35 million, and average daily trading volume of $500,000 since launch.

Russell Bennet, CEO of Metacade commented:

“After the Uniswap listing, we saw sell orders fill immediately on the buy side with minimal sell pressure, which in this case shows that we have something truly special. Our staking pool sold out in 5 hours, further evidence of this With our imminent exchange listing, I expect we will see the positive price increases that usually follow, and from there, it’s all infinite!”

Following its listing on BitMart, Metacade has confirmed that another top exchange, MEXC, will list Metacade in early May. Expect more exchanges to be announced in the coming months.

Users can buy Metacade tokens on Uniswap here.

About the currency market

Established in 2018, Bit Market It is a centralized exchange that provides encrypted asset trading and investment services for more than 9 million users around the world. The trading platform offers its clients numerous features including staking, lending, savings products, derivatives contracts and expanded spot trading options. For advanced cryptocurrency enthusiasts, BitMart offers futures trading and margin trading that allow them to use leverage.

About Yuanke

Meta Academy Designed to be the premier destination for gaming in the Metaverse. As Web3’s first community arcade, allowing gamers to hang out, share gaming knowledge and play exclusive P2E games. The platform offers users multiple ways to generate income, build a career in Web3, and connect with the wider gaming community.

The project has a stamp of approval from CertiK, a leading blockchain auditor, designed to reassure investors that project specifications and code have been vetted, and the Metacade team has passed KYC. This puts Metacade on the same level as other CertiK projects including Aave, Polygon, and Chiliz.

Metacade’s potential as the next GameFi hub of choice for P2E gamers as well as a one-stop shop for a wide range of other use cases is evidenced by the enthusiasm surrounding the project and the success of the pre-sale.

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