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Yuan flameis a leading Web 3 gaming and artificial intelligence company that is building momentum as it heads into its upcoming third quarter. With strategic partnerships with household names in crypto gaming brands, sold-out pre-sales, and an unprecedented collection of AI-integrated NFTs, the MetaBlaze ecosystem is ready for the next phase of growth.

Despite Crypto Winter, MetaBlaze Presale Hardcap Hit $4M

While the Web 3 gaming industry has been sluggish in 2022 and 2023, Yuan flame Already charging forward and growing. Its community presale announced that the hard cap was full, raising an impressive $4 million with over 2,020 holders.

This achievement is a testament to the unwavering support of MetaBlaze’s passionate community who are inspired and inspired by the vision, scope and potential demonstrated by the MetaBlaze team. The company is currently expected to launch its native mblz token on September 15, which will be listed on several centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

MetaBlaze launches expansion with two key strategic partnerships

MetaBlaze is proud to announce its partnership with two of the most prominent gaming associations in Web3.

These partnerships represent a major milestone in MetaBlaze’s journey, as they bring together some of the most respected names in the gaming guild space.

Yuan flame and Join forces to positively impact the Web3 gaming space. is a renowned gaming association with over 10 million mobile app downloads. With a wealth of experience and a vibrant player community, is ready to help MetaBlaze reach millions of players. Together, they plan to leverage MetaBlaze’s innovative Craft-to-Earn and Solve-to-Earn experiences, combined with dynamic storytelling, to reinvent Web3 gaming.

MetaBlaze has also entered into a strategic partnership with IndiGG, an affiliate of the well-respected Yield Guild Games (YGG) DAO and backed by Polygon Studios. IndiGG operates as a regional subDAO focused on expanding the earn-while-playing landscape. Their main goal is to attract a large number of passionate gamers across the globe.Through this partnership, MetaBlaze and Hindi Designed to bring about a transformative shift in Web3 gaming.

MetaBlaze has forged valuable partnerships to attract more players, elevate game development, aim to enhance gameplay for web3 gamers and deliver a unique MetaBlaze experience to stand out in an increasingly competitive arena.

MetaBlaze pioneered innovative “Craft-to-Earn” and “Solve-to-Earn” mechanics, inspiring players to showcase their creative crafting, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. These mechanics ensure that each player’s experience is both dynamic and unique.

At the core of the MetaBlaze ecosystem is the promotion of interoperability and sustainability. Its unique game economics aim to breathe new life into these iconic and established gaming guilds and reimagine expectations for the Web 3 gaming space, further enhancing the MetaBlaze universe and creating a more immersive and valuable experience.

Launched the industry’s first NFT powered by artificial intelligence

MetaBlaze’s AI MetaChip NFT will launch tomorrow (June 27th), bringing disruptive new utility to the NFT industry. The AI ​​MetaChip represents a major advancement in the NFT space. This is a first-of-its-kind digital asset that enables players to transform their coveted MetaBlaze NFT into a responsive, adaptive AI-powered guide for Galaxian.

this Galaxian Guideis an in-game companion designed to help players navigate the challenges and mysteries of the MetaBlaze universe, organically experiencing and interacting with game content as events unfold. The Galaxian Guide provides MetaBlaze players with dynamic intelligence and guidance, unleashing their creativity, enhancing gameplay and increasing their chances of success.

The AI ​​MetaChip is fully compatible with existing MetaBlaze NFTs, seamlessly integrates with MetaBlaze NFTs, and gives players a competitive edge as they explore the mysteries and mysteries in the universe.

Galaxian Guide reimagines the possibilities of NFT technology, integrates AI into the Web 3 game industry in an unprecedented way, and enhances players’ gaming experience.

The limited collection of AI MetaChip NFTs, with only 1,000 NFTs and a full permission list, is attracting a lot of interest. This ultra-limited series offers gamers and collectors a unique opportunity to capture this historic moment in Web 3 Gaming. Minting will go live tomorrow, June 27th.

The exclusive offering also includes an NFT bundle containing 1 AI MetaChip and 3 MetaGoblins NFTs.

Mint AI MetaChip NFT

About MetaBlaze

MetaBlaze combines artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to create immersive Web3 experiences through games, engaging storytelling and purpose-driven digital assets.

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