December 3, 2023

At Work It DAILY, we call our members “workplace rebels.” A workplace rebel is someone who believes in themselves and joins our community to ultimately take charge of their career. They believe that work is to live, not work to live. Dale Herzog is a top member of our community who embodies these qualities.

Below, Dale Herzog answers some questions about his career field and explains why he joined (and continues to participate in) the Work It DAILY community.

Benefits of Being a Medical Device CAD Engineer

Doctor using medical equipment before performing surgery

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I find the most exciting part of this job to be working with passionate engineers, researchers and makers to create new tools to improve the way people care. Translating the inspiration of physicians and researchers into new devices is an exciting and humbling opportunity.

Work-Life Balance for Medical Device CAD Engineers

Engineers use CAD software to manufacture medical equipment

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I try to get into the habit of constantly reevaluating what “balance” means, and treat the process like scheduling a trip to the gym. I have to say that I am even more grateful for the daily support of my family and I am so grateful for their interest in my occasional DIY home improvement project. Even though a few relatives were starting to get a little nervous when they saw me showing up at their door with a power tool, I think they understand the healing properties of wood chips.

Reasons to Work in the Healthcare Engineering Industry

doctor using medical equipment

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I have seen how my family has been affected by diseases that will be treated with the device I intend to develop. Having the opportunity to save others from these experiences makes it hard to imagine pursuing anything else.

Advice for Medical Device CAD Engineers

Engineers use CAD software to design medical equipment

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Cultivate curiosity in developing your unique career that goes beyond generic career planning by applying the “everyday” philosophy to nurturing and rewarding habits. In addition to the Work It DAILY course material, I try to design a daily model and take the time to understand the needs of patients, researchers, and the environment in which the design will be used. I’m no expert, but it’s always great to share a job with someone who is passionate about what they do and loves to explore making the patient experience as enjoyable as possible.

We hope you enjoyed Dale talking about his career and experiences in the Work It DAILY community.

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