December 8, 2023

For many people, tiny houses conjure images of very small, simple dwellings—and sometimes they do. However, they can also be downright luxurious, like the latest model from MitchCraft Tiny Homes, which offers a spacious interior layout and includes some of the comforts typically associated with larger brick-and-mortar homes, such as dishwashers and baths.

The CC 31′ x 10′ (or 9.4 x 3 m for metric tilt) is a bit wider than the usual 8.5 ft (2.5 m) tiny house, which means you’ll need a permit to tow it on the road, which doesn’t sound like much, But the extra space does make a difference inside.

Its 28-square-meter (310-square-foot) interior is centered around a light-filled and relatively spacious kitchen. Visitors enter through double glass doors to see the fridge/freezer, oven with four burner propane powered cooktop, dishwasher and plenty of cupboard and storage space. Expansive glazing, including a skylight, ensures plenty of daylight floods the interior.

The living room is nearby and looks quite large. It has an L-shaped seating area with extra storage space under and beside the seat. A mini-split air conditioning system along with ceiling fans keeps the area at a comfortable temperature.

CC 31' x 10' 310 sqft (28sqm) arranged around a large light-filled central kitchen
CC 31′ x 10′ 310 sqft (28sqm) arranged around a large light-filled central kitchen

MitchCraft tiny house

The other side of the kitchen connects to the hallway, which has more storage space and access to the bathroom. This has a manger style soaking tub and shower, vanity and water closet.

Storage integrated stairs lead to the only bedroom in CC 31′ x 10′. The space contains a large closet with plenty of headroom to stand upright, and a washing machine and separate dryer. Adjacent and slightly raised is the sleeping area with a double bed and some storage space. However, this arrangement does create low ceilings in a typical tiny house style.

CC 31' x 10' Only one bedroom including a double bed and some storage space
CC 31′ x 10′ Only one bedroom including a double bed and some storage space

MitchCraft tiny house

The CC 31′ x 10′ is based on a three-axle trailer and features a mixture of painted board and batten, corrugated siding and cedar trim. Power comes from standard RV style hookups.

The piece sold for $210,000.

source: MitchCraft tiny house