March 4, 2024

Lens has released a beta version of its blockchain scaling solution, Bonsai, to address scalability issues with decentralized social media platforms.

Scaling Solutions for Web3 Social

Web3 social graph Lens Protocol announces Bonsai, a new scaling solution designed to improve user experience and facilitate mass adoption. ghostThe development company responsible for the Lens Protocol addresses the need to provide a seamless social media experience for its users by improving scalability and reducing transaction costs.

Since a shared blockchain network can only handle a maximum of 200 transactions per second (TPS), and major social media platforms like Twitter typically reach 25,000 TPS during peak hours, it is necessary to introduce a scalability solution to help the district Blockchain network improves game performance.

Bonsai is an Optimistic Layer-3 (or Polygon Layer-2) scaling solution that will process transactions at hyperscale, designed to support the next generation of social media users. The solution is also able to process transactions at a much lower cost, making the platform more accessible to users of different financial abilities.

First the peach blossom, then the bonsai

The Bonsai solution comes days after the launch of Momoka, Lens Protocol’s previous scaling solution, which enabled faster and cheaper transactions on the blockchain. Momoka is the platform’s first layer 2 scaling solution designed to help Lens Protocol address its growing user base. The subsequent release of Bonsai demonstrates the company’s commitment to continuously improving its blockchain infrastructure to meet the needs of its users.

According to Stani Kulechov, CEO of Aave and founder of Lens Protocol,

“To compete with web2, decentralized social platforms must scale. With the ability to support mass consumer adoption, we will see continued web3 innovation – new, exciting and compelling features and business models will spur web3 adoption. Bonsai delivers hyper-scalability, supporting the core values ​​and assurances of blockchain, providing secure, fast and cost-effective scalability.”

Aave’s Scalability Bid

Blockchain-based social media platforms are rapidly gaining popularity as they are the preferred alternative to centralized social media platforms for many users. The latter has come under scrutiny in recent years for its low data privacy standards and overall impact on society.

These blockchain-based social media platforms require scalability solutions to achieve censorship resistance and unlock content monetization scenarios. Bonsai can store and process transactions off-chain to optimize costs and improve scalability while keeping data easily accessible and verifiable. Therefore, now is a golden time for Lens Protocol and its scalability solution to become a leader in the blockchain-based social media space.

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