December 5, 2023

Japanese motorcycle company Kawasaki is foraying into e-mobility with three new models – sadly not the Ninja BEV previewed at last year’s EICMA expo, but the Noslisu line of electric tilting trikes that it launched on its home turf.

According to a press release from Kawasaki US in November 2022, the company’s first electric motorcycle will hit the US market later this year. The company has also prototyped a hybrid motorcycle that uses both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, and is experimenting with a hydrogen-powered engine based on the Supercharged Ninja H2.

Its first foray into EVs was actually a balance bike for kids aged 3-8, and now after two years of development, adults are starting to ride the electric Kawasaki with the commercial launch of the Noslisu series in Japan.

The first of three models in the series is the Noslisu electric tricycle, which has two 20-inch wheels on the front and one on the rear. The front wheels feature Kawasaki’s own tilt mechanism that leans into corners and absorbs uneven terrain, while the rear wheels house a 180-watt hub motor that provides three levels of pedal assist at up to 24 km/h (15 mph).

The Noslisu electric trike features Kawasaki's own synchronized steering system and tilt mechanism
The Noslisu electric trike features Kawasaki’s own synchronized steering system and tilt mechanism


The motor draws power from a removable 248-watt-hour battery mounted behind the seatpost, giving it a range of 53 kilometers (33 miles) per charge. Stopping power is provided by mechanical disc brakes on all three wheels. The tilting electric tricycle is equipped with a front basket. The model is on sale now for ¥330,000 (about $2,365, though no international availability is currently mentioned).

Riders opting for the Noslisu e model will need to obtain a driver’s license before hitting the road, as the more powerful 500-watt hub motor and 705.6-watt-hour lithium-ion battery combination allows assisted speeds of up to 35 km/h (21.7 mph). This electric three-wheeler features integrated lighting, handlebar mirrors, a large center-mounted dashboard and a low-slung cargo basket between the front wheels. The supply price for this month is 430,100 yen.

The Noslisu Cargo Electric Tricycle has a front loading space for 120 liters of cargo
The Noslisu Cargo Electric Tricycle has a front loading space for 120 liters of cargo


As the name suggests, the Noslisu Cargo Edition is a package carrier for three family members, with front loading space for 120 liters of cargo. We do know that Kawasaki opted for a 180-watt hub motor and a 248-watt-hour battery, though it chose not to reveal full specs until closer to the July release window. This model is priced at 414,700 yen.

source: Kawasaki