December 2, 2023

Although motorized inline skates are now “a thing,” most of them still require the user to carry a handheld remote. However, the JoyErider skates are different because they are controlled by the user’s pedals.

The JoyEriders, made by Chinese technology company Passion Mobility, were officially announced last month at the Taipei Cycle Show. They are designed for urban commuting.

With adjustable bindings, users can attach the skates to their existing shoes. From there, just tap one or the other skate on the ground to start moving, speed up, slow down or stop. An accompanying app lets users decide how many taps — and with which foot — determine which movements.

JoyErider skates claim 20km (12 miles) of battery range
JoyErider skates claim 20km (12 miles) of battery range

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Each JoyEriders is powered by a 150-watt electric motor, giving users a top speed of 20 km/h (12 mph) and allowing them to climb slopes of up to 8 degrees. Power is provided by 24V/3.5-Ah lithium-ion batteries (again, one for each skate), which reportedly have a maximum range of 20 kilometers per three-hour charge.

The skates also feature 3.5in (89mm) polyurethane wheels, electronic braking, a maximum rider weight of 100kg (220lbs), a total weight of 6kg (13lbs) per pair and IP54 waterproof electronics – meaning they can Withstands water spray from all directions.

Passion Mobility doesn’t sell directly to consumers, so there’s no word on pricing or availability. The JoyErider skates are demonstrated in the video below.

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JoyErider “Joy Ride Everywhere!” – 2023

source: passion flow