December 11, 2023

Tokyo, Japan, April 19, 2023, Chainwire

WebX will gather Web2 and Web3 players from all over the world

Coin NetworkJapan’s largest cryptocurrency and blockchain media organization is pleased to announce that Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will WebXthe global Web3 conference in Tokyo, July 25-26.

WebX will gather promising Web2 and Web3 projects, companies, entrepreneurs, investors, developers, etc. from all over the world and is one of the largest Web3 conferences in Asia.

Participants can attend presentations by the world’s top Web3 projects and founders (simultaneous interpretation in Japanese is provided), networking opportunities, technical workshops with leading blockchain development teams, exhibitions, and other opportunities to interact with a range of companies and projects.

Japan has received unprecedented worldwide attention in the Web3 space as it has support from the Japanese government and major corporations (see below).

  • May 2022: Prime Minister Kishida announces in London that he intends to develop a Web3 environment June 2022: The government adds “promoting the improvement of the Web3 environment” to its basic policy for 2022 November 2022: NTT Docomo announces 600 billion days of investment in Web3 November 2022: Japan Keidanren (Japan) Business Federation) announced the Web3 promotion strategy December 2022: The tax reform proposal of the ruling party includes tax reform related to Web3

One reason for this is that, amidst concerns over the long-term decline in Japan’s economic strength and competitiveness, cross-border strength (international influence) in this area has the potential to greatly accelerate the digital transformation and global expansion of numerous industries, including Japan’s content industry, because Japan Considered a powerhouse of intellectual property (IP) such as anime, manga, and games.

Despite serious efforts to create innovations and new businesses, Japan currently lags behind other countries due to bottlenecks such as a closed environment, language barriers, and regulations that are out of sync with reality.

Additionally, many Japanese companies have highlighted challenges such as lack of expertise, ideas, corporate networks, and specialized human resources to drive Web3 businesses.

In this context, CoinPost believes that launching a global conference to promote international exchanges and establish a distribution network for Web3 information and human resources is essential for the development of the Japanese blockchain industry.

The inaugural WebX Conference will be held in July 2023 at the Tokyo International Forum equipped with a simultaneous interpretation system and will bring together attendees from around the world. Through this event, we hope to promote the government’s reform of Web3 and become a bridge between Web3 and existing industries.

  • Dates: Tuesday, July 25 – Wednesday, July 26, 2023 Where: Tokyo International Forum (3–5–1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) Organizer: WebX Executive Committee Producer: CoinPost, Inc. Number of Attendees (Estimated): 15,000+ Number of Exhibitors (Estimated): 2,000+ Number of Exhibitors (Estimated ): 150+ Number of media partners: 100+ Website:

Speaker and ticket information will be announced in a timely manner via Twitter. Please pay attention to the following accounts, so stay tuned.


Itai Elizur
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