December 2, 2023

More and more people are asking our career coaches: “Is LinkedIn dying?”

This question isn’t just from job seekers. Recruiters, professionals and executives have become frustrated with the platform, wondering if it is really as useful as it claims to be.

Networking is getting harder and harder. When professionals do manage to get in touch with someone and start a conversation, chances are they never receive their contact information after the initial conversation. Recruiters kept reaching out to job seekers, but no one responded.

LinkedIn used to work just fine. what happened? What’s the point of being involved?

LinkedIn isn’t dead…it’s just changing

You might think this is a sign of LinkedIn’s imminent demise. It is not.

LinkedIn isn’t dead. It’s just changing.

In fact, LinkedIn will tell you otherwise.Based on user accounts alone, they have now More than 930 million people on the platform. And that number is growing. The so-called “death” that we think we’re witnessing to LinkedIn is really just change. The way people use it has changed dramatically. You can’t do things you used to be able to do on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has changed, but that’s okay.

When LinkedIn started, it was a social network. Early adopters love the platform and use it to its full potential. People will connect. They’ll start talking. Being on LinkedIn is an amazing experience where people actually form relationships with people that other people would never have. This is indeed a social network.

but that was when i was young.

Now, with the widespread adoption of social networking, the power of social networking has lost its luster. Most people on LinkedIn are not using the platform to its full potential. So, how does this affect the platform as a whole?

LinkedIn is no longer a social network


In fact, LinkedIn is no longer a social network. It has 930 million people, but it’s not a social network. This is a social marketplace.

As long as there is something free, like LinkedIn, you are the product. You are part of what they are selling. That’s why LinkedIn is a social marketplace.

think about it. How does LinkedIn make money?

Recruiters spend a lot of money to reach candidates. Salespeople and businesses spend a lot of money putting their information into your feed to generate leads. LinkedIn today is a very complex Yellow Pages. As a job seeker, you go out there looking for businesses, looking for the company you want to work for. When you are a job seeker, you are a business trying to sell your skills and services to employers. LinkedIn is just one place to find businesses of all types and sizes, whether you’re an actual company or a job seeker.

Likewise, Facebook is the modern white pages. It’s free, what do you use Facebook for? Find people you might know.

LinkedIn is the modern Yellow Pages. Businesses used to pay a premium to advertise in the Yellow Pages for greater reach. Fast forward to today, and that’s what LinkedIn is all about.

So, you are the product – and there’s nothing wrong with that. We are lucky that we have LinkedIn. What we need is the complex Yellow Pages, which means that each of us needs to be a part of it. We need to optimize our configuration file, and we need to understand how it is used.

That’s how the network thing is done. There’s a reason why so few people are there to connect and build relationships, because people aren’t engaging. Return on investment no longer exists. Ultimately, it’s just a place to have a web page for your personal business (your profile).

Social Networks and Social Marketplaces


The good news is that you can now create events on LinkedIn. It’s free, and it will encourage people to start talking to each other, which will improve things a bit in the social marketplace, but it won’t solve the problem 100% of the time.

So, if LinkedIn isn’t a social network anymore, what is? The platform after LinkedIn will revolutionize the online game. It will change the online game in the same way that LinkedIn did years ago.

What we need is a new social network where we can connect with people again. LinkedIn no longer does this because it is no longer a social network. This is a social marketplace. The new social network for professionals will change the way we socialize in any profession, in any industry, in any skill, passion or interest. It’s already here.

LinkedIn isn’t dead after all. Given its size, it is no longer a social network. Yes, you can still reach out and connect with people, but don’t count on the world. Don’t expect everyone to respond to you. Don’t expect everyone to talk to you, because that’s not what it’s for anymore.

Let’s be grateful we have it, because what it creates for us in the future will be something truly worth smiling about.

Wondering what happens after LinkedIn?Find out here!

This article was originally published on an earlier date.

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